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GoldON Completes 7,000m Phase II exploration drilling at West Madsen in Red Lake

Apr 8, 2021

GoldON Resources Ltd. has announced the completion of Phase II diamond drilling at its West Madsen Gold Project adjoining the new Pure Gold Red Lake Mine.

The black ellipse in Figure 1 above depicts the area of the interpreted east-west trending Balmer-Confederation contact along with the locations of the completed Phase I and II drill holes.

A total of sixteen drill holes, totaling 7,041 metres were completed in the Phase II drilling program (See table 1 below). Prospective Balmer Assemblage volcanic rocks have been identified in ten of the sixteen holes completed in the Phase II program. The mafic volcanic rocks are typically highly strained, containing lenses of blue-grey silica and carbonate that are transposed with the foliation, overprinted by diopside and amphibole, and separated by ribbons of microcline. Accessory alteration products may include biotite and sericite. Sulphide mineralization varies locally in style and abundance but tends to include pyrite-pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite+/-arsenopyrite. Visually, the mafic units are similar in character and alteration to the gold-bearing mafic rocks observed at Pure Gold Red Lake Mine.

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