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GoldSpot Takes a Second look with LithoLens AI

Nov 13, 2020

By Stephane Villeneuve: Mining Life Online

With Machine learning and AI technology becoming the norm, GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. (TSX-V:SPOT) seeks to capitalize on an emerging market with their innovative LithoLens Technology.

With the cost of Drilling making up the bulk of most exploration budgets, companies worldwide are looking for innovative ways to collect data and GoldSpot Delivers. By applying their AI technology to existing data, the program examines existing photographs, then catalogs and identifies underlying geologic structures faster and more efficient than any human can do. With computers having nearly perfect memory, the program can identify structures without bias and can identify what may have been overlooked in the past.

The Litholens Process

- As projects are bought and sold, Data can be lost in the process. Drill logs can get misplaced as servers change hands, improperly stored core can become damaged, and misinterpreted data can accidentally lead geologists to skip over important details. The program looks to consolidate available information from all available sources, even if the data is stored in different servers and hard drives.

- Core Photographs are cleaned up digitally, and the sophisticated software visually identifies geologic structures. Once properly calibrated the program can re-log 1m in about 1.5 seconds, with a capacity to convert 137km into properly formatted CSV data files within a 48-hour time frame.




- Once data collection is finished, the program will apply advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate existing models and make predictions on potential zones of mineralization.


Previous Successes

• McEwen Mining (TSX:MUX) By re-logging 136,000m at the Grey Fox deposit located near the Black Fox complex in Matheson, On, utilizing Goldspot was able to identify 3 generations of alteration and veining.

• Cassiar Gold Corp. (TSXV:GLDC) Located in northern British Colombia the Cassiar Gold Project re-logged 10,200m by using LithoLens to look for additional veining and alterations associated with mineralization.

• TriStar Gold (TSXV:TSG) The Castelo de Sonhos Gold Project in southwestern Brazil re-logged 14,000m for cobble detection, was critical to determine stratigraphic context to the area and provide guidance to further exploration.

With a second record breaking quarter in a row and companies lining up around the block to access their services, Goldspot looks to be another great innovator of the future. You can Visit their website at https://goldspot.ca for more information on their services.

Stay tuned to mininglifeonline.net for all your up to date mining and exploration news, and as always take care and stay safe!

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