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High-Grade VG at 25gpt intersected by Canada Silver Cobalt at Robinson

Dec 18, 2020

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. is pleased to announce that Canada Silver Cobalt Works intersected high-grade gold mineralisation with cobalt within the high-grade silver-cobalt mineralized vein structures at the Castle property. Drilling continues around the clock, seven days a week with 2 drills. A 50,000-meter drill program is in place of which 18,000 meters have been completed.

  • CS-20-31 intersected 24.95 g/t Au over 0.30 meters from 49.70 – 50.00m with visible gold in calcite veining within Archean volcanic tuff. 
  • CS-20-31, drilled towards the North, intersected 3.82 g/t Au over 2.86 meters from 451.00 - 453.86m, including 6.11 g/t Au over 1.66 meters from 451.52 - 453.18m. 
  • CS-20-25, collared 300 meters northwest of CS-20-31, intersected three separate vein structures at shallower levels. This hole intersected 5.00 g/t Au over 1 meter, from 315.00 – 316.00m; 0.78 g/t Au over 0.8 meters, from 145.50 - 146.30m; and 0.6 g/t Au over 1 meter, from 240.00 – 241.00m.

Matt Halliday, P.Geo., Canada Silver Cobalt's President, commented: "Hole CS-20-25 is confirming the working hypothesis regarding the potential correlation between the gold mineralization in the Robinson Zone and that previously identified in the gold zone immediately west of the Robinson where substantial Archean alteration typically associated with gold mineralisation has been recorded.  Significantly, in hole CS-20-31, a gold structure within the Robinson Zone, that is associated with the silver-cobalt veins of the diabase, has been identified.  Given the reports from this historic Camp of silver bars containing recoverable amounts of gold, this newly identified gold mineralization is extremely exciting. Additionally, CS-20-31 has visible gold near surface. This, and identifying further gold mineralization near surface, will dramatically impact the economics of the Robinson Zone vein system." 

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