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Hunt for minerals to meet global demands moves at furious pace

Oct 26, 2020

(Photo: Canadian Trade-Ex supplied; PUBLISHER, Glenn Dredhart welcomes 400 delegates to CIM Gala Dinner during the 2019 Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins, Ontario)

It is not often that we take a bow here at Mining Life and Exploration News - in this case, we think it’s appropriate. For more than three decades now, we have been at the center of Ontario and Quebec’s prolific, multi-billion-dollar exploration industry.

While other publications and media outlets have come and gone, including a number of recent departures, we’re still here.

It’s been a crazy year. The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted every aspect of our lives.

We now wear masks to go grocery shopping. Going to the movies is on hold indefinitely as we binge-watch our favourite shows a second or third time on streaming services. Concerts are canceled until further notice. Weddings and funerals are looked at as potential “super-spreaders” for the virus.

On the ground however, here in the heart of Canada’s world-class mining districts of Ontario and Quebec, the rough and tumble pioneering spirit of mineral-hunters is undaunted.

Despite the fact that this microscopic virus caused a number of temporary production shutdowns, or hit the pause button on dozens of diamond drill rigs and exploration or discovery efforts, the excitement running through mine country is more than palpable, it’s electric.

Whether it’s Newmont’s all-electric Borden Mine near Chapleau, or the dozens of exploration projects scattered throughout northwestern Quebec and the northeast and northwest regions of Ontario targeting electric vehicle minerals – electric is the word of the day – check that, word of the year!  

Truth be told, it isn’t easy to keep up with all the activity.

District and resident geologists as you will read from our last issue of Mining Life & Exploration News (ML&EN) are busier than ever. https://issuu.com/canadiantradex/docs/october2020issue

The appetite for information and the hunt for minerals to meet global demand is moving at a furious pace.

Which brings me full circle to the focus of my comments this month.

We continue to shine a spotlight on the very heart of the exploration industry. Through our publication and associated website, MiningLifeOnline.net, we are proud of our record and commitment to highlighting the men and women who manage the companies that are driving this fast-paced mineral exploration industry.

This past edition was focused on Northwestern Ontario and towns like the historic gold mining community of Red Lake.

Go ahead, try to find a place to rent there these days, or hire a geologist. Better yet, stay on top of things by visiting MiningLifeOnline.net on a daily basis.

While other media companies have pulled up stakes, we’re taking things to the next level.

The exploration industry is stepping up their game – so are we.

Stay tuned.

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