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The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada Hosting An In Person Public Information Meeting into Canada Nickel’s Crawford Nickel Project Timmins

Feb 22, 2023

An In person meeting will be held  today in Timmins on February 22 at the Ramada Riverside from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
IAAC representatives will be present to give presentations about the elements of the impact assessment, Canada Nickel completed for the Crawford Project in Timmins, north of Glencore’s Kidd Creek Mine. 

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada under the federal Independent Assessment Act requires proponents of major projects such as Canada Nickel’s Crawford Mine project to perform studies on the impact of the project on the natural and social environment to federal approval for the project.
Under the Impact Assessment Act of Canada, a proponent of a major project must include an assessment of the positive and negative environmental, economic, health and social effects and the potential impacts of the project on the exercise of rights of Indigenous peoples as recognized in section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. The IAAC is an agency that reports to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

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The impact assessment contribute to making an informed decision to proceed with a project in a way that reduces the impacts of the project on the natural and social environment.
A major part of the Impact Assessment process is seeking and facilitation public input and comments about the Canada Nickel Crawford Mine proposal. Visit the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada Website to provide comment on this project.

Canada Nickel’s Crawford project will be one of the largest nickel project in the world and will help Canada meet one of the elements in Canada’s Critical mineral strategy that is vital for securing a supply of nickel and cobalt  needed for batteries used in Canada’s Electric Car industry.

For more information on Canada Nickel’s Environmental Assessment visit:

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