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Kinross hosts open houses in Red Lake and Ear Falls!

Dec 1, 2022

Over the last two months, Kinross hosted open houses for community members in the Red Lake and Ear Falls communities surrounding the Great Bear project.

In total, more than 175 people attended the open houses held in the two community Royal Canadian Legions, where they had the opportunity to meet with the Kinross Great Bear team, including Jeremy Brans, Vice-President and General Manager, Ontario, to learn more about the project and plans for the future.


Jereme Brans picture Red Lake Open House


During the open house, the Kinross Great Bear leadership team gave a presentation about the Company, an overview of the Great Bear property, future plans for the project and recent drilling highlights, and finished with our environmental baseline studies and ongoing community relations initiatives. Following the presentation, a Q&A session hosted by leadership enabled attendees to ask questions about the project and provide feedback.

Attendees from Red Lake and Ear Falls had the opportunity to visit information tables highlighting drilling core and exploration maps, as well as baseline environmental studies coverage areas and maps. Everyone enjoyed dinner and dessert, and some lucky attendees left with prizes of gift certificates to local shops and businesses.

At the conclusion of both events, the overall sentiment was very positive, with many community members excited about the project and looking forward to future updates and employment opportunities as the project progresses.

“These open houses are an excellent way to connect directly with our community members and to keep them informed about the exciting new gold project that is expected to become a large part of their community,” said Jenni Piette, Community Relations Manager. “Early engagement and incorporating community feedback into our project plans are essential to building a successful project, and maintaining our commitment to be a good neighbour and responsible miner. We look forward to working with these communities over the life of the Great Bear project.”


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