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Kirkland Lake Gold hits new wide, High-Grade intersections at Detour Lake

May 5, 2021

“We continue to have a great deal of success drilling along the DMT," Tony Makuch, President and CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold said.  Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. has announced results from 38 holes and two wedge holes (23,911 m) of drilling along the Detour Mine Trend (“DMT”) at the Detour Lake property.

"New wide, high-grade intersections continue to confirm the continuity of the mineralized corridor connecting the Main Pit and planned West Pit. We are also having success intersecting high-grade mineralization near the bottom of the Mineral Resource pit shell in the Saddle Zone, which highlights the potential to add significant new open-pit, and possibly underground, Mineral Resources. We also continue to expand mineralization to the west of the planned West Pit, indicating that we have yet to determine the full expanse of the deposit running along the DMT. We are continuing our extensive drill program at Detour Lake, following up on each of the key targets, with 12 drills currently working and plans to complete 270,000 m of drilling during 2021.

The new holes being reported are the fifth batch of results from the recently announced 270,000 m exploration program, which the Company is targeting for completion by the end of 2021. The program is being completed to collect information for an updated, and potentially expanded, Mineral Reserve and to support the completion of a new production plan, expected to be released in early 2022. Most of the new holes announced today are from drilling in the Saddle Zone, located between the existing Main Pit and planned West Pit locations, which has been underexplored and has no Mineral Reserves and only limited Mineral Resources. Several new holes are also being announced from the area west of the West Pit Mineral Reserves, which also contains limited past drilling.


“When we issued the new technical report for Detour Lake at the end of March, we described it as an important milestone for the project that included expanded production, low unit costs, a long mine life and attractive economics. We also indicated that it was very much an interim report, that we fully expect to improve upon when we factor the substantial exploration success we are achieving into a new technical report and life-of-mine plan next year. The drilling results we have announced today provide us with even greater confidence that the 2022 technical report will clearly establish Detour Lake as one of the world’s premier gold mines.” 

Results Highlight Significant Potential for Mineral Resource Growth Between the Existing Main Pit and Planned West Pit Location, at Depth and to the West

  • New high-grade intersections near bottom of Mineral Resource pit shell in Saddle Zone highlight potential for growth in open-pit and underground Mineral Resources
    • Key intercepts(1): 1.13 gpt(2) over 155.1 metres (“m”); 9.02 gpt over 13.0 m; 1.56 gpt over 70.2 m, incl. 7.49 gpt over 5.3 m; 1.37 gpt over 43.1 m, incl. 12.17 gpt over 3.0 m; 31.91 gpt over 5.0 m; 2.21 gpt over 26.0 m, incl. 5.15 gpt over 8.0 m; 1.9 gpt over 32.7 m, incl. 15.07 gpt over 2.1 m; 1.01 gpt over 42.6 m
  • Drilling in Central Saddle Zone continues to intersect exceptional grades and widths at shallow depths, further demonstrates continuity of mineralized corridor connecting Main Pit and planned West Pit location   
    • Key intercepts: 1.08 gpt over 56.0 m, incl.13.01 gpt over 2.0 m; 1.34 gpt over 40.0 m; 3.38 gpt over 10.0 m, incl. 14.76 gpt over 2.0 m; 0.94 gpt over 56.2 m; 1.42 gpt over 19.9 m; 1.01 gpt over 15.0 m
  • Drilling in Eastern portion of Saddle Zone confirms continuity of mineralization to the west and below Main Pit Mineral Reserve pit shell
    • Key intercepts: 0.81 gpt over 131.0 m; 1.49 gpt over 64.8 m, incl. 23.95 gpt over 2.0 m; 1.96 gpt over 64.0 m; incl. 4.83 gpt over 54.0 m; 2.96 gpt over 36.3 m, incl. 21.45 gpt over 2.2 m; 1.08 gpt over 75.0 m; 2.54 gpt over 35.1 m, incl. 27.77 gpt over 2.0 m; 3.91 gpt over 23.0, incl. 35.66 gpt over 2.0 m
  • Drilling below West Pit Mineral Reserve intersects broad zones of mineralization extending to depth 
    • Key intercepts: 2.94 gpt over 51.9 m, incl. 29.37 gpt over 4.0 m; 31.97 gpt over 2.0 m; 1.41 gpt over 47.2 m; 2.37 gpt over 36.0 m; 1.04 gpt over 46.9 m, incl 15.46 gpt over 2.0 m; 2.26 gpt over 21.0 m
  • Drilling west of planned West Pit intersects mineralization up to 425 m west of existing Mineral Reserves 
    • Key intercepts: 10.66 gpt over 13.0 m, including 34.51 gpt over 3.0; 23.92 gpt over 2.3 m; 1.14 gpt over 78.4 m; 0.75 gpt over 41.5 m

      (1) True widths are unknown at this time and intervals are reported using core lengths intersected in the holes.
      (2) Grams per tonne (“gpt”); Metres (“m”); Including (“incl.”).

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