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Komatsu Unveils New Standardized Jumbo and Bolter Carriers

Nov 20, 2020

By Stephane Villeneuve, Mining Life Online

With companies worldwide looking to optimize their budgets, Komatsu unveiled a brand new jumbo drill and bolter with an innovative common carrier and control system.

With a focus on compatibility and versatility the small class ZJ21 jumbo drill and the ZB21 Bolter share a 100% Carrier structure, with options for a ROPS certified canopy or a fully enclosed operators’ cabin.

By using the same structure from skirt to boom, maintenance costs are reduced by minimizing inventories to manage different vehicles. Operators can transition seamlessly between the two machines as controls are identical with additional buttons for bolting functions.

ZJ pic

ZJ21 Jumbo Features

  • Unique zero contact design, with operator safety paramount. With Some clever engineering and an extended boom length. The Jumbo head remains safely out of reach of the cabin, while still offering 66 sq.m of face coverage.
  • Redesigned boom geometry, allowing for maximum maneuverability in small headings.
  • Both over and under-slung configurations, further adding to maneuverability
  • Lightweight and durable design to handle the rigorous needs of underground mining while reducing maintenance costs.

ZB pic

ZB21 Bolter Features

  • Integrated screen handling and an innovative, integrated chemical injection system allows operators to complete the bolting cycle from start to finish from the safety of the operator’s enclosure
  • Capable of drilling 5-8ft bolting heads, with an adjustable and universal bolt carousel, and a configurable traveling centralizer and heading.
  • Chemical injection system designed to handle resin, grout or cement cartriges
  • Simplified Controls for operator ease

Shared Features

  • Easily accessible engine compartment with a focus on allowing operators easy access to monitor fluids.
  • Simplified inventory needs, reduce the space needed to house parts for different machines
  • Conversion kit to easily switch between bolting and jumbo configurations
  • The high quality you have come to expect form Komatsu Products
  • Pans for battery powered drills set to be released in the near future

Going forward Komatsu looks to push mining into the future with plans for continued improvement and upgrades to their new line of underground equipment. From Battery Powered machines to intelligent hazard detection and beyond, Komatsu stands to take underground mining onto the 22nd century.

Visit https://mining.komatsu/home to learn more on their exiting new innovations and to find a Komatsu dealer near you.

Stay tuned to mininglifeonline.net for all your mining and exploration news and as always take care and stay safe!

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