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Lake Shore Gold a strong community partner

Mar 1, 2022

Pan American Silver Corp production improved in 2021 compared to 2020 but the Covid-19 pandemic constrained operations as a result of reduced workforce.
In January, Pan American Silver released its preliminary production results for the fourth quarter and full year 2021.
Pan American Silver’s Timmins mines, Lake Shore Gold’s Timmins West and Bell Creek produced 133.8 thousand oz. of gold for 2021 ranking it just behind Shahuindo mine (134.0 thousand oz) for second most prolific gold mine in Pan American’s gold portfolio. The Delores out produced both of them with 160.1 thousand oz of gold produced in 2021.
Lake Shore Gold is a very strong community oriented company within the City of Timmins and it showed its true colours this past Christmas when they delivered hams and a $10,000 cheque to the South Porcupine Food Bank, a day after it made the same delivery to the Timmins Food Bank.
The donations were from Lake Shore Gold employees at the Timmins West and Bell Creek sites, said Marcel Cardinal, director of environmental and sustainability. “Individuals just felt during the holiday season it would be an opportunity for them personally to give to the community,” he said.
The mine staff often give back to the community as most of them were born and raised in the region of Northern Ontario and right here in Timmins.
“They’re involved within the community, most of them were born and raised here and they understand the value of providing whatever they can to the community,” he said.
Timmins has the heart of gold and Lake Shore Gold is a big part of that community.
The company is a large employer within the region and is committed to inclusion and diversity. They believe this is critical to their long-term success. Supporting inclusion and diversity encourages varied perspectives and experiences, which benefits the performance of the Company.
Pan American Silver said it well in a most recent Sustainability Report. Mining is certainly about providing a return for shareholders. But it’s also about looking after workers’ health and safety, it’s about treating the communities around its mines with honour and respect, it’s about minimizing the environmental footprint of its operations to the greatest extent possible, and it’s about constantly striving to have equality and diversity built into its fabric so everyone in the Company, regardless of race, religion or orientation, can have an equal opportunity to excel and create value.

Inclusion and diversity critical to long-term mining success

Pan Am Pic Diversity
They also appreciate that equality and diversity in their workforce are good for business. Mining has traditionally been a male-dominated business. The company is striving to increase the number of women on our Board of Directors and in our employee base at all levels, and the company is really pleased to see progress on that side and strive to be “diversity neutral” in the hiring practices, eliminating bias and prejudice as much as possible. Mining requires a reliable supply chain and transport logistics for both supply of materials and products.
Pan American Silver and it’s mining operations globally continue to expand on their community engagement activities based on open dialogue and transparency, following international best practices and it is their goal to improve access to quality education in the communities near their mines, continue to improve access to health care in the communities near their operations in coordination with the local government priorities, continue to develop additional alternative economic opportunities in communities near the mines and continue the development of community training programs that attract new talent to their operations.
The company’s vision is clear.  
Values set the standard for how we operate as a business. Operating in a responsible and ethical manner that complies with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees and contractors. Conducting our business affairs free from favouritism, fear, coercion, discrimination or harassment. Providing full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure to all regulatory bodies, stakeholders and employees.
The company focusses on what they call their Pillars.
Our focus is on managing performance in these areas: Community Investment & Sustainable Development; Health & Safety; Human Rights; Water; Employee Attraction, Retention & Development; Climate & Energy; Business Ethics & Anti-Corruption; Biodiversity & Mine Closure; Tailings & Waste.
The gold mineralization at Bell Creek mine is mined using underground long hole mining methods. At the Timmins West mine, primary mining methods include longitudinal and transverse long hole mining. Ore from both mines is processed at the Bell Creek mill via single-stage crushing and single-stage grinding, with a portion of the gold recovered by gravity methods, followed by pre-oxidation and cyanidation with carbon-in-leach and carbon-in-pulp recovery.
Gold mineralization in the Bell Creek mine occurs in steeply-dipping, shear-hosted sulphide mineralization zones. Gold mineralization in the Timmins West mine occurs in steeply-plunging mineralized zones that occur within or along favourable lithostructural settings.
To learn more about the performance of the Timmins mines, see the Individual Mine Performance Section of Pan American Silver’s most recent Management’s Discussion and Analysis.
Fore more information you can visit www.panamericansilver.com

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