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Local Tire Experts are a Gold Mine of Knowledge

Apr 22, 2021

Service Is Our Business

For nearly half a century, Murray OK Tire has been in the tire business in Northern Ontario providing top quality products and services.  Every aspect of OK Tire’s operations is founded and inspired by their mission statement: “Service Is Our Business!”  
Partners in the group bring their expertise to the team to tailor services for client needs.  OK Tire is well established in Northern Ontario with locations in Timmins, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake, Kapuskasing, Longlac, and Val Rita, servicing surface and underground mines in the region.  
OK Tire’s retread and repair facility in Val Rita, near Timmins, Ontario has the ability to repair all sized tires.  The tire vulcanizing facility provides services to Ontario and Quebec mines.  The repair shop specializes in Giant Tire vulcanizing and section repairs.  Trained personnel are qualified to safely repair major tire assets.  The OK Tire Giant Tire repair program in Northern Ontario is beneficial to mining operations because of the proximity to the mines and local knowledge.
Co-owner of OK Tire, Martin Murray, states that, “Mining operations depend on their equipment to haul uninterrupted. A proper tire management program can ensure the long-term durability of the tires.  We bring added value to the purchase of tires by tracking, managing, and repairing these procurements to help the client get the most out of their money.”  
On top of providing sound advice and tire management services, OK Tire is always expanding service to new areas.  Currently the mining industry is booming with new projects and OK Tire is on the forefront of these new expansions by opening a store location last month to service the growing mining sector in and around Gogama.  Timmins co-owner and partner Chris Belanger states that, “We are opening a spot there to help everyone.”  A major priority will be servicing nearby mines with, “A qualified OTR technician, inventory, and equipment such as a tire machine, and a tire manipulator” said Belanger, which are already on site.  “We expect to provide the same reliable services that we would offer anywhere else,” adds Belanger.
The same approach towards service is shared by the OK Tire team based in Longlac. Four years ago, co-owner and partner Rick Lafontaine turned the former Ranger Tire Sales into a fully equipped OK Tire Commercial center, proudly saying, “There’s not much we can’t do here”.  He hopes to service new partners in the flourishing Geraldton mining industry.
OK Tire is proud to employ and contribute to many communities in Northern Ontario. The team at OK Tire has an extensive background in tire management and repairs with a cumulative experience of over 350 years in the tire industry.  OK Tire is confident that their knowledge and skills are unparalleled and can provide support from management to field work.  They stand by their moto: “Service Is Our Business!”

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