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McEwen predicting extended mine life at Stock Property (Timmins)

Oct 4, 2023

McEwen Mining Inc. has unveiled new assay results from the Stock Property, a part of the Fox Complex located near Timmins, which indicate promising gold concentrations in several drillholes and a longer mine life. Notably:

  • SM23-201: 21.6 g/t Au over 5.1 m in the Ramp Portal Zone
  • SM23-308: 38.5 g/t Au over 7.4 m Down-plunge of Stock West
  • SM23-281: 98.8 g/t Au over 0.9 m in Footwall Timiskaming Sediments

Geological Insights and Potential Impact

Geological investigations have pinpointed two main plunge directions controlling mineralization at Stock, both seemingly originating at the “Ramp Portal Zone”. The results from 21 diamond drillholes are reported for three key target areas at the Stock West Project: “Ramp Portal Zone”, “Shallow Plunge”, and “Steep Plunge”. Additionally, two results suggest potential new directions for the growth of the Stock resource.

Ramp Portal Zone: A Prospect of Early Mining

Drilling continues to reveal good grades and widths at shallow depths, near the surface entrance portal of the ramp that will be driven to access the Stock West deposit. The development of the ramp is scheduled to commence in December of this year.

The significance of this mineralization lies in the potential for early mining and cash flow, potentially making the development of the Stock ramp partially self-funding. Some notable gold assay results from this zone include drillholes:

  • SM23-180: 6.2 g/t Au over 22.7 m (capped 5.0 g/t Au over 22.7 m)
  • SM23-193: 9.5 g/t Au over 11.3 m (capped 7.4 g/t Au over 11.3 m)
  • SM23-201: 21.6 g/t Au over 5.1 m (capped 16.6 g/t Au over 5.1 m)
  • SM23-204: 12.0 g/t Au over 12.4 m (capped 9.1 g/t Au over 12.4 m)
  • SM23-CPS-09: 12.5 g/t Au over 10.9 m (capped 4.2 g/t Au over 10.9 m)

These assay results occurred very close to the surface, between depths of 23 to 73 meters down hole. The wide intercept seen in SM23-180 may represent multiple mineable mineralized zones since the more typical true widths for the ramp portal zone are generally 10-15 meters.

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