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Mining Life & Exploration News publishes The Golden Circle Issue

Jan 14, 2021

A Note from the Publisher

Publisher Glenn Dredhart

A bat flapped its wings somewhere in China in late 2019, and a few short months later, the global economy grounds to a near standstill. That disruption didn’t ignore the mining industry, including our enormously successful annual “Big Event” Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins or the Central Canada Resource Expo in Thunder Bay.

We took that time to elevate an already amazing platform, Mining Life Online, a super-portal, built more than a decade ago, that includes more than 25,000 industry contacts and 100,000 products that serve Canada’s mining industry.  

We’ve assembled all of this from within the heart of Canada`s hottest mining jurisdictions. We are Northern Canada`s daily mining voice – MiningLifeOnline.net and Mining Life & Exploration News where we publish four quarterly issues every year along with souvenir mining issues as a service to the industry.
This magazine is the only printed mining publication out of Northern Ontario and reflects the interest and a deep understanding of the mining industry and its impact on the communities it serves.

Thanks to a boom in the industry, there is no lack of content that feeds these two operations.
Mining in Central Canada is one of the hottest jurisdictions in the world and it is our job to get that news into the hands of stakeholders, whether it be the mines, juniors, indigenous communities, government, educational institutes, the miners or the investors, we are here to help link it all together.

Canadian Trade-Ex (CT-EX), the sister company to Mining Life bore the brunt of the global pandemic. In May of 2020 we were told the Canadian Mining Expo and CEN CAN Resource Expos would have to be put on hold.
These highly-valued mining events, hosted by CT-EX along with the Forest Life Expo (Ontario’s Forestry Expo) drew thousands of delegates from around the globe and were an important part of the economic growth of Ontario and the communities in which the events were hosted.

Here’s the silver lining. CT-EX has been busy with the development of a software platform that will host the world’s largest virtual events.
The new platform, Virtex, has been developed from the ground up to serve the clients of Ontario and Quebec on a platform that connects to Mining Life Online and connects exhibitors to an audience of stakeholders from our massive database we have gathered over the years.

Other organizations do publish mining news – we bring companies together, we help to facilitate deals and connect the dots. We work hard at offering a solution to the industry's needs. We offer companies an unparalleled investment by combining the integrated power of the Mining Community Portal along with daily digital news, a world-class printed magazine, and an unrivaled virtual trade show platform.

This issue of Mining Life, called The Golden Circle, is an example of just some of the activities that show how Central Canada is taking the mining industry by storm, and why we are leading from within.

Please read our last issue from the link provided. ENJOY!








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