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Mink Ventures releases base metal assays from Warren Project, Timmins

Sep 20, 2023

"These results continue to affirm our interest in the base metal potential of this project. Our team has confirmed mineralization at surface in A, B, and C zones over significant areas. We recently secured additional ground in the same geological package to the north and east, which further enhances the potential of this project. We look forward to continuing our evaluation and reporting to our shareholders," said Natasha Dixon, President & CEO.

Mink Ventures Corporation has announced positive base metal assays from a summer sampling program at its Warren project. The Warren property covers 1,010 hectares of land, located in Whitesides Township, approximately 35 km west of Timmins, Ontario. (See Figure 1.) 


  • Prospecting, sampling, and a geological evaluation of known mineralized zones A, B, and C was completed in the summer of 2023 in order to accurately locate the most prospective zones of mineralization for drill testing. A total of 20 reference grab samples were taken.
  • Sampling efforts confirmed the presence of extensive zones of mineralization; recent sampling demonstrated excellent copper grades and significant nickel, cobalt and silver grades associated with some of the best copper grades. (See Table 1 and Figure 2.)
  • The sampling efforts confirmed that the highest priority target at this time is the A Zone where approximately 120 meters of the zone is exposed in a series of trenches in outcrop. Excellent copper values were noted in the A Zone trenches; the better values ranged from 1.075% to 2.08% Cu. Nickel values of interest from the A Zone ranged from 0.313% to 0.348% Ni.Cobalt values ranged from 0.0389% to 0.0498% Co. Some interesting silver values were also associated with some of the better copper values on the A Zone, silver values ranged from 10.3 ppm to 23.8 ppm silver.
  • The Warren patents host three known zones with copper, nickel, and cobalt mineralization; these have been designated A, B, and C. Two historical bulk samples were completed on the Warren patents; the first bulk sample returned 0.21% Cu, 0.96% Ni, 0.11% Co and 0.10% Zn, and a second bulk sample returned 2.83% Cu, 0.58% Ni, 0.10 Co and 0.13 Zn. The combined A-B zones and the C zone have projected strike lengths of 800 and 1,000 meters of strike length respectively from geophysical data.
  • In the 1950's a resource* calculation of 385,000 tons of 1% Cu + Ni was outlined by Jade Oil & Gas on the Warren patents. Jade Oil and Gas drilled 23 holes to test Zones A and B in the mid 1950's. Highlights include 2.5% Cu+Ni over 7.6 m and 2.8% Cu+Ni over 8.2 meters. *The resource calculation is historical in nature and is not NI43-101 compliant; it is not to be relied upon and is reported as a historical statement only. Note: Certain historical information pertaining to a historical resource estimate, is disclosed in this press release. The methods and parameters used to prepare this estimate and the category of the estimate is unknown. A qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves, and the issuer is not treating the historical estimate as current mineral resources or reserves. References: Technical Report for Western Troy Capital Resources on the Warren Property (W. Hawkins P. Eng, 2021) and Maxmin, Magnetometer and VLF Surveys Evaluation Report, Whitesides and Massey Twp. Claims (C. Mackenzie Consulting Geologist, 1990)
  • The Company plans to begin a diamond drill program at Warren in December, following the upcoming drill program at Montcalm later this month.


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