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New Age Metal's Lithium Division Expands Manitoba Land Holdings to 74,448 Hectares

Apr 13, 2023

New Age Metals Inc purchased 30, 668 hectares of mineral exploration license area around Red Cross Lake, Manitoba. The Northman Lithium project is the Company’s third property acquisition of 2023. The area covers about 28 km strike length of the North Kenyon Shear Zone and surrounds an associated LCT pegmatite swarm documented at Red Cross Lake with historical assays up to 1.25% Lithium2O and 2.86% Cs2O (LPG pegmatite) and 2.97% Li2O (SPG pegmatite). 

The newly acquired Northman Lithium Project lies within the Oxford-Stull domain in Northern Manitoba’s Red Cross Lake greenstone belt which hosts highly fractionated lithium-bearing pegmatites and is significantly underexplored. All the claims are held by Lithium Canada Development, a 100% owned Lithium Division of New Age Metals.

Highlights of the newly acquired area includes:

•    Lepidolite and Pollucite rich pegmatite swarm with 17 parallel and sheared dykes up to 4 meters in width over an area of 50 meters  

•    Work by the Geological Survey of Canada in the 1960’s identified the rubidium and cesium potential of these pegmatites, with one sample assaying 2.86% Caesium superoxide, 1.29% rubidium and 1.26% Lithium.

•    Spodumene-bearing dyke with grab samples assaying up to 2.97% Lithium Oxide  

In terms of potassium/Rubidium ratios, the pegmatites in the Red Cross area are ranked with the most evolved spodumene pegmatites worldwide. 

The property contains large leucogranite intrusions within the mineral exploration zone that occur up to 5 km long and attain a maximum width of 90 meters. Thin-section analysis of these units identified the presence of spodumene and quartz replacing petalite. 

Property covers 30 km of strike extent in the North Kenyon Shear Zone, a regional-scale structure in which “the pegmatitic rocks are situated within, or closely adjacent to” identified targets from regional magnetics that are analogous to those hosting rare-metal pegmatites at Red Cross Lake. 

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