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New discovery model - new mine for NuVision?

Jul 24, 2020

NUVISION – A new model for discovery

By Kevin Vincent

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a giant jigsaw puzzle – thousands of pieces – and you’ve been staring at it for a long, long time. The corners and borders were laid out 35 years ago when you first opened the box. You know what the final picture looks like. There are just a few openings left. 

You look over your left shoulder - and there’s an almost identical, completed puzzle that you can reach out and touch. The same thing when you look over your right shoulder, in fact, if you turn around and look in the opposite direction, you see another . You’re surrounded – surrounded by mines that have been turning out gold bars for more than a century.  

That’s the current state of the Cat Key puzzle, located in an encouraging stretch of gold-bearing Canadian Shield called Mine Centre, a speck on the map that Trip Advisor describes as “a mix of charming, modern, and tried and true.” 

The “tried and true” part, is the region’s rich gold-producing history. NuVision Resources ULC is patiently, yet anxiously determined to finish its Cat Key puzzle. Fortune-hunters found gold in Mine Centre in the early 1890’s, back when mining methods amounted to little more than a hammer and the finely-tuned spider-sense of a grizzled prospector. 

There’s a broad stretch of gold-bearing ground, the Cat Key Property – it’s the bigger picture. The smaller pictures, the insets, the exciting ones that make finishing the puzzle a tantalizing endeavour, are called the Bush Rat and 54-20 Zones.

Today, as gold continues to hover north of $1800 US an ounce, the Cat Key sits on the doorstep of greatness. In addition to gold, the property shows promising signs of substantial iron content, as well as titanium. The iron and titanium are part of the Bad Vermillion and the Turtletank property also shows promising signs of gold.  

Geologists speak their own language. The Cay Key is strategically located – according to the company it straddles the “collision” of the Wabigoon and Quetico sub-provinces. In mere mortal language, one would likely say that it’s a gold mine sitting between two gold mines. 

For Project Manager Max Reiter, the big picture has a lot of exciting pieces. “We’ve been in the Mine Centre since 1985,” he told Mining Life. After purchasing a number of properties in the region, that excitement began to build. “We knew the area had huge potential but there was no geological model we could go with.”

The company has already spent more than $10 million through a number of companies including Nipigon Gold Resources, Numax Resources, and now NuVision Resources. Between Numax and NuVision they have about 45,000 contiguous acres – all of which are in good standing thanks to the obligatory work they’ve done on each parcel. 

Reiter says the Cat Key and Turtle Tank properties are new discoveries. Until NuVision did the work, no-one had discovered the real gold potential on those claims. So, we took the new model that New Gold Resources had just developed for the “Rainy River Deposit” and applied to the Mine Centre area. 

Reiter said it answered every question anyone ever had about the geology. “Everyone, including myself was totally wrong,” he said. “It draws a perfect map of what everybody should be doing.” 

He says Mine Centre has been historically known for its extremely high-grade Gold quartz veins, which tend to be narrow and not very long. “The new model shows the gold is percolating up into the rocks, hydrothermally distributed. We discovered using their (New Gold’s) model that there’s what they call an over-printing event which means it came out and it crossed all rock types – it (the gold) kind of penetrated everything.”

NuVision has been exploring and mapping out the property diligently for six years. More recently, the company has conducted more detailed work since 2014 trying to evaluate the Cat Key’s mineral potential. In order to complete the picture for a formal 43-101 resource estimate, NuVision estimates it will need another 18 drill holes to establish a confidence level that will help them take things to the next level. 

At the moment, the company estimates the Bush Rat  goes for greater than 350 metres and has only been tested down to a vertical depth of 100m. Preliminary drilling and analysis of the 54-20 Zone is just as encouraging, but both zones require additional definition.   

“It could be the perfect scenario for an open pit mine which is what all the majors are looking for these days,” explained Reiter. “Not thousands, but millions of ounces potentially,” he added.   

NuVision is a private company with two shareholders, Max Reiter & John Williams Jr. of the parent company NuVision Resources LLC (a USA Corp.). Max Reiter is the Project Manager for NuVision. Max has nearly 40 years experience with financing & management, property acquisition, stripping, drilling and milling. He has worked in Northwest Ontario as well as the United States and Africa.

The entire NuVision Resources team has over 135 years of experience. 

With the right partner, they can put the finishing touches on a puzzle that promises to be as exciting as any gold producer within Ontario. And there are plenty of them.

Max’s cell number is (651) 491-8593 if you’re interested in joint-venturing the finish of this exciting puzzle. The company’s website is www.nuvisionres.com 








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