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A Northern Ontario Publisher's Note

Feb 23, 2022

As a publisher of mining news from Northern Ontario there is never a dull moment. The industry is changing at a pace I have never seen before. The introduction of technology, lack of a skilled workforce, the Covid pandemic and the world’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions creates the Perfect Storm.
The pressure is on to become the drivers of change. This issue features the mines and junior mines that make up the landscape of Northern Ontario. This is our Northern Mining Report Issue.
Being active in the publishing of mining news has given me a unique overview of the market. Mining is changing. The adoption of automated technologies is accelerating, and digitalization is on the rise.  
Meanwhile, demand for minerals and metals such as copper, lithium, cobalt, graphite, and nickel, all of which are used in used in low-carbon technologies will gather pace in the future and sustainable and reliable extraction and production will need to keep up with the demand.
According to the World Bank’s analysis, global production of critical minerals used in low-carbon technologies is projected to rise by 965% for lithium, 585% for cobalt, 383% for graphite, 241% for indium, 173% for vanadium by 2050.
With new technology entering the market, mining is getting more automated. It is all about improving efficiency and safety within the mining industry.
Development of autonomous solutions help with the challenges of COVID-19, it also helps to lower costs and create safer and cleaner mines, so more can be done with fewer people.
The impact automation and digitalization have on a mine site is endless from automated surface and underground equipment to artificial intelligence (AI).
To attract people with these skillsets, companies will have to adapt their recruitment strategies. That could mean hiring data engineers from outside the industry to train in mining.
The world wouldn’t be the same without mining. So, the challenge is not to replace mining but make it more eco-friendly. There’s great work being done throughout mining. For example throughout this issue you will notice many operations are looking to achieve climate change targets.
This is on the back of committing to large reduction in carbon emissions and having net zero emissions targets.
One can’t help but notice the positive trend and notice the favourable metals and minerals pricing environment.
The commodity price for gold is strong and seems to be working as a catalyst for smaller financings and property transactions.
I am excited to see what 2022 will bring when it comes to innovation, technologies and digitalization. Although many have questions over supply chain and the on-site efficiency, as companies try to continue their operations safely in a global pandemic, I’m excited. Mining is to me the most resilient Industry in the world. I can’t help but think that mining will continue to overcome its adversities and build a brighter future for everyone.

Read the 100 page report here.

Northern Ontario Mining Report Issue

Front Cover Feb.2022


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