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Northstar extends Allied Gold Zone at Miller Gold Property

Nov 8, 2021

Northstar Gold Corp. has intersected visible gold, tellurides and chalcopyrite over appreciable widths in drill holes MG21-63, MG21-64 and MG21-65 along a possible 180 metre northwestern extension of the near-surface Allied Syenite Bulk Tonnage Gold Zone at the Miller Gold Property, situated 18 km southwest of Kirkland Lake. While assays are pending for these drill holes, drilling indicates the presence of a significant near-surface bulk tonnage gold zone (Figure 2)*. The Allied Syenite Gold Zone remains open along strike and at depth. 

A total of 1,450 metres has been drilled in 11 holes in Phase IIB to date, with 3 holes testing the Allied Syenite Gold Zone north extension, 6 holes on the recently acquired Searles Property (including 4 holes twinning previous historic drill holes on the No. 1 Vein to support a future resource estimate) and 2 holes drill testing a recently discovered 50 metre wide breccia zone (Area E), located 450 metres west of the Allied Syenite. An additional 1,000 metres of drilling will focus primarily on Allied Syenite Gold Zone extensions. 

*The reader is reminded that the Allied Syenite Gold Zone is conceptual in nature. There has been insufficient evidence to define a mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the exploration target being delineated as a mineral resource. 

Click here to view a Proactive Canada interview with Steve Darling and Northstar CEO Brian Fowler providing further insights into this news release. 

Phase IIB Allied Gold Zone Drilling - Preliminary Observations 

Preliminary observations from newly drilled holes MG21-63 and MG21-64 drilled north-northeast of drill hole MG21-56 suggest the recently discovered Independence Fault is a broad sub vertical, brittle deformation zone featuring abundant chlorite-quartz breccias with chalcopyrite mineralization and multiple occurrences of visible gold and tellurides observed over true widths of 40m to 50m within the structure (30m to 178m depth in hole 63) (Figure 2). Drill holes MG21-63 and MG21-64 are the first holes drilled across the full width of this important structure in the Allied Syenite. Drill hole MG21-65, collared near the northeast contact of the Allied Syenite, intercepted syenite over 75m with multiple occurrences of tellurides in quartz carbonate veins observed between 63.5m and 160m depth. Disseminated pyrite was observed along the southwest contact of the Allied Syenite from 111.5m depth to 259.2m depth where semi - massive pyrite with chalcopyrite was encountered over 3.6m to 262.8m. Assays are pending.

Phase IIB Drilling on the Searles Property

A total of 365m of drilling has been completed in 6 drill holes to date (S21-01 to S21-06 - Figure 1) on the adjacent Searles Property, including 4 twins of historic holes from the previous historic estimate to support a possible future resource estimate. Vein 1 has been intercepted in all holes to date at vertical depths between 21.5m and 52.1m over true widths between 1.5m and 3.5m. Visible gold and tellurides have been observed in hole S21-04 within the Vein 1 zone. In hole S21-03 a newly discovered quartz-carbonate vein hosting pyrite mineralization was intersected between 15.5m and 19.7m depth. Assays are pending. 

Ontario Junior Exploration Program (OJEP)

Northstar is pleased to announce that the Company has been accepted to participate in the first OJEP intake for a maximum contribution of $57,605 towards the cost of the Miller Gold Project. The OJEP funding is conditional upon execution of a funding agreement and adherence to its terms and conditions.

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Figure 1. Bulk Tonnage Allied Syenite Gold Zone and Historic No. 1 Vein Mineral Resource Area with 2021 Drilling and Surface Stripping

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Figure 2. Bulk Tonnage Allied Syenite Gold Zone

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Partial Phase IIA Drilling Results Received

After several months of delay, final assays for the Phase IIA drilling program have been received for drill holes MG21-58, MG21-60 and MG21-62. Phase IIA drilling was primarily focused on distal geophysics and GoldSpot AI defined exploration targets (4 of 8 holes drilled) outboard of the principal Allied Syenite Gold Zone and No. 1 Vein targets. Final assays remain to be received for the bottom portion of drill hole MG21-56, which returned 6.6 g/t Au over 117 metres (Northstar News Release dated May 27, 2021) in the Allied Syenite, and drill hole MG21-61, which targeted the Independence Fault 1 km north of the Allied Syenite. The Company remains hopeful these results will be received in the very near term.

Drill hole MG21-58 (Figure 1) was designed to test the Catharine Fault Zone (CFZ) for gold mineralization east of the Allied Syenite. The CFZ was observed to be a ductile chlorite schist between 160m and 179m depth in the drill hole and returned no significant gold values. Drill hole MG21-60 (Figure 1) was designed to test the Vein 1 zone 200 metres east of hole MG21-59. It remains uncertain whether drill hole MG21-60 intersected the Vein 1 zone and no significant gold values were obtained. Observations from drill hole S21-03, collared 113m south of drill hole MG21-60 suggest the Vein 1 zone could be at greater depth than previously thought in this area. Drill hole MG21-62 was collared near the northern boundary of the Miller Gold Property, 300m east of the Meilleur Syenite, targeting a GoldSpot AI anomaly resembling known gold-in-syenite features. An altered gabbro with no significant gold mineralization was determined to be the source of the GoldSpot AI anomaly.

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