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Palladium One methodically pursuing massive targets north of Hemlo

Dec 6, 2023

By Kevin Vincent

It’s a giant puzzle. With more than 24,000 hectares to explore, and strategic investor Glencore onside, Palladium One is poised to make headlines in northwestern Ontario. The company’s Tyko Project has all the right ingredients; good geology, and an infrastructure that has road, power, and nearby rail infrastructure for a large-scale operation. 
All of that is necessary as the company continues to characterize the property as a “Voisey’s Bay-style” project. The Tyko/Smoke Lake Property is 25 km north of the Hemlo mining complex.
As the company continues its methodical approach toward production, in late September Palladium announced that it had identified seven exciting drill targets. 
“The addition of seven new VTEM anomalies to our existing inventory of drill ready targets speaks to the large-scale opportunity the Tyko District represents for shareholders,” said Derrick Weyrauch, President and CEO.
“Soil sampling to ground-truth the seven anomalies is well advanced and drill permits are in hand to test five of the seven anomalies. The Tyko II project has many geological similarities to Tyko I and we look forward to receipt of additional results from the property.”

Palladium One methodically pursuing massive targets north of Hemlo
West Pickle Pentlandite matrix (bronze) with pyrrhotite (grey) inclusions form TK22-070, the sample returned 12.9% Nickel

The recently completed VTEM survey is the most sensitive survey ever flown over the Tyko II property. The survey easily detected the historical Moshinkabi and Faries Lake Zones, but also detected new anomalies near the Kejimalda and Gionet Zones that had not been detected by previous airborne EM surveys. The company says it speaks to the sensitivity of the VTEM system and its potential to identify targets that were overlooked by less sensitive historical EM surveys.
The 2023 ground-truthing is wrapping up and the company is on track to begin drill testing any day. The surrounding area has a history of mining with several current and past producing gold and base metal mines. 
The identification of the seven anomaly targets come on the heels of an earlier exploration program at the company’s West Pickle and RJ Zones in August.
“We are very pleased with the first result of the 2023 Exploration Program which has returned highly anomalous nickel, copper and cobalt in soils along a considerable area (1.3 kilometers) between the West Pickle and RJ Zones,” said Weyrauch. “These results continue to support our geological model that strong magnetic anomalies located between West Pickle and RJ Zones represent a chonolith / feeder dyke potentially linking both zones.”
The Tyko Nickel – Copper - Cobalt Project, is located approximately 65 kilometers northeast of Marathon.
The company announced in late October it has discovered a large MT resistivity anomaly on the Tyko I property which forms part of the larger Tyko Nickel – Copper Project. The MT resistivity anomaly is coincident with the high-grade West Pickle Zone and extends eastward toward the RJ Zone suggesting that they form one continuous mineralizing system. 

Highlights Included: 

  • 2023 diamond drill program is underway at Tyko
  • A 1,600 meter long MT resistivity anomaly has been discovered which extends from the high-grade West Pickle Zone toward the interpreted Chonolith / Feeder Dyke structure
  • MT Anomaly coincident with multiple Cu and Ni in soil anomalies
  • Mag, MT and soil anomalies suggest West Pickle and RJ Zones form part of one large mineralizing system

Weyrauch commented, “We are very pleased to announce positive results from the first MT survey on the Tyko Project that indicate a strong MT resistivity anomaly extending from our high-grade West Pickle zone toward multiple copper and nickel in-soil anomalies associated with the interpreted Chonolith / Feeder Dyke target. Tyko’s fall diamond drill program has commenced and is currently on track.” 
The MT survey represents the first deep penetrating geophysical survey to be conducted on Tyko. The survey was undertaken by Quantec Geoscience using the SPARTAN MT system which has the potential to detect both high-grade massive nickel sulphide, as that found at the West Pickle zone, and blebby to disseminated sulphide as found at the RJ zone. The MT survey targeted a highly prospective strike length of 2,800 meters between the West Pickle and RJ Zones covering several highly anomalous Cu and Ni soil anomalies and associated magnetic highs.
Drilling is now underway at the Tyko Project. The current drill program will focus on targets in the West Pickle Zone of Tyko I as well the newly acquired Moshkinabi mafic ultramafic complex in the Tyko II property. 
The Summer field program is now completing with a total of 7,340 soil samples having been collected, additional results are expected shortly, and will assist in drill hole targeting. The summer field program also involved extensive geological mapping, the Company now has much greater understanding of the Tyko Project geology. The key objective of the 2023 Exploration Program was ground truthing interpreted Chonoliths / Feeder dykes prior to diamond drilling. The 2023 magnetic survey was designed to refine the geometry of the interpreted chonoliths / feeder dykes across the Tyko project’s 30-kilometer strike length. Recent geological mapping has identified outcrops and boulders of ultramafic pyroxenites which continue to support the chonolith / feeder dyke geological model. 

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