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Pamour gets $700 million green light from Newmont as sun sets on Hollinger

Dec 6, 2023

By Kevin Vincent

TIMMINS, ONTARIO – Dawid Pretorius, a seasoned manager with a rich background in global gold mining, has brought a fresh perspective to Newmont's Porcupine division in Timmins, Ontario. With a workforce of 1200 employees plus contractors, Pretorius is steering the division into a new era of productivity and community engagement.

During a presentation to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce today, Pretorius highlighted the operations and future plans for various mines under his management. He spoke about the century-old gold production in the city and the need for increased community involvement. He also detailed the development strategies for the Pamour Mine, a major $700 million project.

In a Q&A session, Pretorius addressed the audience's curiosity about the "superpit" project. He revealed that an estimated 5 million ounces of gold lie beneath the site of the old Dome Mine's existing offices and mill. This revelation underscores the potential for substantial future mining endeavors in the region.

Another topic of interest was the possibility of building a "supermill." Pretorius expressed Newmont's openness to exploring partnerships with other local or emerging mines to share the costs of such a venture. This collaborative approach could significantly benefit the mining community in Timmins, offering a shared resource for efficient processing.

Pretorius concluded his presentation with a video showcasing the operations, highlighting the strategic importance and potential growth of the mines under his leadership. His vision for Newmont's Porcupine division not only focuses on production and safety but also on fostering a strong, supportive relationship with the Timmins community.

Originally from South Africa and an Australian citizen, Pretorius's journey in the mining industry has spanned over a decade, with significant roles in Australia with Rio Tinto and a notable accolade as the 2015 Manager of the Year by Australia Mining magazine. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Honors in Geology and a Master's degree from the University of the Free States of South Africa.

Since relocating to Timmins from Northern Queensland, Australia, in December, Pretorius and his family have immersed themselves in the local culture, embracing activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing. He emphasizes the importance of being more than just a financial contributor to the community, advocating for active participation and support.

Pretorius is committed to safety, regularly engaging with employees to discuss and improve safety standards. He believes in the significance of each worker returning home safely every day.

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