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Partnership Signed Between Sudbury Area First Nations and Technica Mining

Apr 3, 2023

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Sagamok Anishnawbek, and Wahnapitae First Nation & Technica Mining announced they formed a partnership under a new business entity called Aki- eh Dibinwewziwin, which means “to be owned by the earth.” The company’s name was intentionally generated by Anishinaabe Language holders from each of the respective communities and holds significant meaning as this partnership has been created intentionally over the past year using a respectful and reciprocal approach.

Through this partnership, Aki-eh Dibinwewziwin will now provide world-class mine contracting services for their partners and meaningfully participate in the economic benefits in their territorial lands within the Robinson Huron Treaty Territory.

Technica Mining was founded in Sudbury, Ontario, where it still maintains its head office. It also has satellite offices in offices in Timmins, Ontario and Val d’Or, Quebec. Technica Mining is one of Canada’s leading mining and construction companies. Over the past 20 years, Technica has set the new standard in world-class workforce safety and project excellence in underground and open pit development, construction, maintenance, and operation.

“Atikameksheng Anishnawbek recognizes this partnership as a major step forward for our Debendaagziwaad on the path to true sovereignty and independence," said  Gimaa Angus Toulouse, representing, Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation. " “Sagamok Anishnawbek has always had stewardship responsibilities to the lands and resources inhabited and used by our ancestors. The same lands and resources were always intended to sustain our people for all of their economic, cultural, spiritual, and healthcare needs. Unfortunately, the sharing principle regarding lands and resources has not always been embraced by our treaty partners, their settlers, and resource development companies. In more recent times, we are pleased to have experienced more positive relationships regarding the Sudbury mining sector, and we believe that the new relationship with Technica Mining, along with our Atikameksheng and Wahnapitae brothers and sisters, is another step forward in reflecting the principle of sharing.” -
"The Cooperative we establish now will benefit our people for generations by creating high-value careers and lucrative business opportunities for our community. As most of the mining activity in Sudbury takes place on our asserted lands, it is important that Atikameksheng Anishnawbek accepts nothing less than true partnership and I am delighted to say that this agreement is one of mutual respect and honesty.” - said Gimaa Craig Nootchtai representing Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nations.

“Wahnapitae First Nation greatly appreciates the opportunity to be included in this important endeavor and for all the incredible collaboration that has been required to get to this juncture. This represents a unique moment to build something that benefits our members now and for future generations, and we look forward to the strong foundations we are creating as part of this work. By building strong relationships with our brothers and sisters on Turtle Island, and within Atikameksheng and Sagamok, we can truly look to a brighter horizon, together.” said Chief Larry Roque of Wahnapitae First Nation

“We are humbled to have earned the trust and respect of Atikameksheng Anishinabek, Sagamok Anishinabek and Wahnapitae First Nation. For far too long First Nations in the Sudbury Basin have not properly benefited from our shared resources - while we cannot right our past, it is our responsibility to create a new future, ” said Mario Grossi, President, and C.E.O. of Technica Mining.

The Atikameksheng Anishnawbek members are descendants of the Ojibway, Algonquin, and Odawa Nations. In 1850, Chief Shawenekezhik, on behalf of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek signed the Robinson-Huron Treaty granting the British Crown and their people (Royal Subjects) a right to occupy and share the lands of the Anishnawbek. 

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek boasts a proud history of sharing the many resources within their reservation lands and their traditional territory, recognizing, and affirming the spirit of the Robinson-Huron Treaty. 

The First Nation is located approximately 19 km west of the Greater City of Sudbury. The current land base is 43,747 acres, much of it being a deciduous and coniferous forest, surrounded by eight lakes, with eighteen lakes within its boundaries. Their current population is 1,450 and continues to grow, with a third of the population living within the current reservation boundaries.

 Atikameksheng Anishnawbek currently has a claim in the Ontario Superior Court to rectify the alienation of approximately 2,670 km2 which was promised to them in the Robinson Huron Treaty.

The Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation is located on the north shore of Lake Huron. It is a beautiful community whose name means ‘two points joining.’ Sagamok’s culture and language is Anishinabek and is made up of the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Pottawatomi tribes. Also known as the Three Fires Peoples, the community of Sagamok is well over 2,000 members. A little over 50% of the membership lives on the reserve, with the remainder living in urban locations. Sagamok is a place of rich stories, legends and history that derive from time immemorial. 

Once the summer camps of the original peoples who came down from Biscotasing, it is now the permanent home to many of those descendants. Sagamok is an ancestor-based village known for its diversity, prosperity, and growth.

The Wahnapitae First Nation (WFN), a proud Anishinaabe community, is located on the shores of Lake Wanapitei in northern Ontario. Its traditional name, Wahnapitaeping, means “place where the water is shaped like a tooth.’ Currently, WFN is home to more than 170 residents, with over 700 members scattered around the globe. As it grows, WFN comes together as a
vibrant and thriving mix of families, entrepreneurs, and dedicated volunteers who are ready to create a strong and resilient First Nation for current and future generations.

Among the mining projects that Technica worked on are: The Hart Gold Sugar zone Gold Mine (now owned by Silver Lake Resources); Glencore Canada's  Onaping Depth Project in Sudbury; Vale's Copper Cliff Mine Phase 1 project. The overall The CCM Phase 1 Project will expand the life of the underground mine and install the infrastructure and systems necessary to support production on the CCM South side of approximately 3,000 tons per day.

At Craig Mine Operations Technica Mining is executing the entire operation of Glencore Canada's Craig Mine. Technica is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Mine surface and underground complex.

For more information:
CONTACT: Shawn McLaren
COMPANY: Atikameksheng Anishnawbek
PHONE: 705-626-5977
EMAIL: communications@wlfn.com
WEB: www.atikamekshenganishnawbek.ca

Technica Mining
Tender request: tenders@technicamining.com.
Equipment rental: rentals@technicamining.com.

Image Map of Ashinabek Territory

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