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Pegmatite One Lithium start exploration at property near NWO's Muskrat Dam

Jul 24, 2023

Pegmatite One Lithium and Gold Corp. have announced the initiation of an extensive field exploration program at the Frazer Lake project situated in northwestern Ontario. This significant undertaking is part of Pegmatite One's commitment to unlocking the full potential of the Frazer Lake property and advancing its exploration efforts for lithium and other rare metals. 

Key Objectives of the Exploration Program

The comprehensive field exploration program aims to begin a detailed assessment of the Frazer Lake Mound Project, with a focus on reconnaissance geological mapping, and testing of numerous outcrops. Pegmatite One is devoted to gaining a profound understanding of the geology and mineral potential of this promising property.

Target Areas and Methodology

The exploration program will concentrate on several high-priority target areas that have been identified through a rigorous analysis of existing geological data. Detailed geological mapping, prospecting, and systematic sampling of outcrops will be conducted to gain insights into the presence and distribution of rare metals, specifically lithium.

Target Areas:

  1. Frazer Lake Mound: The primary target area, comprising the central portion of the project, shows promising geological features and rare metal values identified during a preliminary sampling program completed in 2022. Further exploration will be conducted here to understand the potential extent and type of mineralization.
  2. East Ridge: This target area, situated to the east of the Frazer Lake Mound, exhibits interesting geological anomalies that warrant further investigation. The exploration team will closely examine this region to identify potential for lithium and other rare metals,
  3. West Basin: Located on the western side of the project, the West Basin area is characterized by intriguing geological formations. Pegmatite One aims to assess this region for the presence of new, previously undocumented, occurrences of lithium and other rare metals.


  • Geological Mapping: The exploration team will complete geological mapping of target areas to, favorable geology, structure, and lithology. Results will be used to develop critical insights into the geological history and potential mineralization processes.
  • Outcrop Sampling: Detailed sampling of exposed bedrock outcrops will be conducted in the target areas. Samples fromsignificant lithologicalunits will be collected for laboratory analysis. Outcrop sampling will aid in understanding the mineralization patterns and potential concentrations of lithium and other rare metals. An extensive network of bush roads will provide to easy access to most of the property with all terrain vehicles used to reach the more remote areas.  
  • Prospecting and Geological Reconnaissance: Experienced exploration geologists will conduct thorough prospecting activities, identifying, documenting and sampling potential mineralized occurrences beyond the known target areas. This approach allows for the discovery of new mineralized zones and expands the exploration scope.

The Company emphasizes a methodical and data-driven approach throughout the exploration process. The findings from this comprehensive field program will guide the subsequent stages of exploration, supporting the Company's objective of identifying economically viable lithium and gold deposits in the Frazer Lake project. Pegmatite One remains committed to transparency and responsible exploration practices to deliver value to its shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Mr. Abbott, CEO of Pegmatite One, expressed enthusiasm for the launch of this field exploration program, stating, "This program is a significant milestone for PGA as it represents a crucial step towards achieving our goal of discovering a new lithium deposit and securing a dependable source of lithium supply. We are excited about the potential of the Frazer Lake project and remain steadfast in our commitment to responsible and sustainable exploration practices."

About Pegmatite One Lithium and Gold Corp. 

Pegmatite One is a publicly traded company exploring for lithium and gold. The company is committed to responsible mining practices and operates two mining properties in Northwestern Ontario and on Vancouver Island. The Morrison River property consists of 222 claims and 335 cell claim units in the Morrison River area, Muskrat Dam Lake, Northwestern Ontario. The Morrison River property is Pegmatite One's flagship lithium asset; the company sees its potential lithium production to be part of the world's continued shift toward electric vehicles and green technologies. The Georgina property, a gold prospect located in the Nanaimo mining division, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, consists of one mineral claim covering an area of 2,069 hectares.

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