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Provix rugged video systems for all aspects of mining operations

Jan 19, 2021

With recent regulation changes in some jurisdictions that sensibly limit personnel access to the face, we have seen an uptick in interest in being able to inspect the face from afar.
In 2013 Provix introduced its Remote Bolting Camera system at Diavik Diamond Mines in NWT. This camera system was required as the bolter operator was positioned approximately 200 feet back from the face, working in a seacan container, with the bolter between his seating position and the face. With almost no visibility to the face, the bolting operation was, tedious, to say the least.
Provix implemented two rugged PTZ cameras that were mounted on either side of the  bolter as well as a fixed camera that resided on the bolter roof. These three cameras provided a full frontal view of the face to the bolter operator who was able to control the pan tilt and zoom cameras from the safety of the sea can.
It took the operator a few hours to get accustomed to the operation of the cameras while running the bolter, however after the familiarisation process, the bolting rate increased dramatically.  Perhaps the best testimonial came from one of the mining engineers who commented that it was a better view of the face on the camera monitors than if you were in the cab of the bolter. Better yet is 8 years after the deployment, this system with some replacement parts is still in use at Diavik!

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News of the success of this system spread through the mining community and  a similar system was developed for the former Goldcorp Red Lake mine a few years later.   
This system was further expanded for portability by building a Monitor and Control stations that fit nicely in the back of a Kubota RTV.  The premise was the same, dual PTZ cameras to enable close up views of the face, without having to approach it. Enhanced safety and increased productivity followed.  
Both the Goldcorp and the Diavik PTZ camera systems were designed for remote operation.  The bolter was controlled by the operator from a safe operator station that did not have a clear view of the face, until the cameras were implemented.
With the regulations concerning approaching the face tightening up we were approached to implement a PTZ camera system on two jumbos operating at Vale’s Creighton mine.  
Provix designed a dual PTZ system with an incab monitor that the operator could use for close up drill positioning. We worked with an experienced operator who was at first somewhat skeptical about what advantage could be gained from having the magnified view of the face in the cab of the jumbo in which he was seated.  
After a few trial runs, the operator advised that this was definitely going to make life easier for him, and more productive for the mine. Safer operations were a given as there was no longer any reason to approach the face.
Sandvik also turned to Provix to develop a triple drill positioning system that offered local viewing to the driller and the choice of three camera views each controlled by the operator.
With repeat orders for this system, it has proved its usefulness in International mining.   Any of the Provix bolter, jumbo or drill positioning video camera systems can also be fully enabled for network viewing on surface. Having local viewing available to the operator as well as informed situational awareness for those on surface is the best of both worlds.



Provix camera systems are mine ready, rugged, dependable and configurable to the operation or application required.  Consult with our technical sales team to get to increased productivity and enhanced safety quickly.

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