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Q2 Metals announces results from 2023 drilling at Mia Lithium Property

Apr 25, 2024

Q2 Metals Corp. has announced core assay results of the inaugural drill program completed in fall of 2023 at the Company's wholly owned, 8,668 hectare Mia Lithium Property located in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory of Quebec. The targeted drill area for the inaugural program was the approximately 10-kilometre-long Mia Lithium Exploration Trend which is located 22 kilometres from the Billy Diamond Highway, proximal to major hydro-powerline and all-season road infrastructure. 

Neil McCallum, VP Exploration, stated: "Core assay results received to date indicate our 2023 drill program was successful in confirming spodumene mineralization in the pegmatites at the Mia Property. Using innovative targeting methods, our 2023 drill program on the Mia Trend has revealed that pegmatites are in some cases complex and variably mineralized at depth and in other cases, such as at Mia-1/2 and Carte, the pegmatite bodies have a simple geometry and consistent mineralization. We are very encouraged with these first drill results and believe we have only just begun to unlock the potential of the Mia Property."

The Mia Trend comprises an approximately 10-km-long series of sub-parallel pegmatite intrusions, of which there are 11 demonstrated spodumene mineralized zones. The individual pegmatite bodies vary in thickness, between a few metres ("m") and over 20 m in some cases. 

The primary objective of the drill program was to drill test along the Mia Trend, with a total of 31 drill holes completed for approximately 5,601 m. One drill rig was used to test the main Mia 1, 2 & 3 zones (the "Mia Zone") (17 holes) while the other rig tested the Carte Zone (eight holes) and the greater Mia Trend (six holes at zones Mia 7,8 & 9). The Mia Zone represents the most significant finding of the inaugural program, as outlined below. The wide spacing of the drill holes on the greater Mia Trend of between 500 m and 2.8 kms represents several opportunities for additional discoveries that are similar to the well-mineralized pegmatite at the Mia Zone.

Drill results at the Mia Zone confirmed spodumene mineralization within a continuous pegmatite zone that dips gently to the north. Thickness of the mineralized zone varies from 8 and 20 m, and extends roughly 600 m east-west and roughly 375 m north-south. The pegmatite body appears to be open to the west, east and north. 

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Figure 1. Mia Zone, fall 2023 drilling results

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Figure 2. Mia Zone 1, simplified cross-section with fall 2023 results

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Drill results at the Carte Zone have confirmed spodumene mineralization with a pegmatite zone that appears at surface and dips gently to the northwest. Thickness of the mineralized zone varies from 5.8 and 7.3 m, and extends roughly 170 m in a northeast-southwest strike direction and has been intersected to a depth of roughly 65 m. 

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Figure 3. Carte Zone, fall 2023 drilling results

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Figure 4. Mia Zones 5, 6, 7. Drill hole locations

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