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QcX Gold to finish surface exploration program at Golden Giant, James Bay, Québec

Sep 12, 2022

QcX Gold Corp. has announced that it will conduct a surface exploration program on its Golden Giant Project, located in the James Bay region of Québec. The objectives of the program are to follow up on promising results obtained from the inaugural 2021 drill program, as well as conduct initial surface prospecting on the Kali East block, which to date has not been explored by the Company.

Program Highlights and Goals:

- Focused exploration along the southern limb of a folded gabbroic unit, found on the eastern side of the Golden Giant East Block. Drill holes GG-21-14 and GG-21-16, which were drilled on the northern limb of this unit, produced 0.52g/t Au over 5.5m and 0.4g/t Au over 10.2m respectively. The hinge zone and southern limb will be explored in further detail to look for extensions to the observed mineralization (see Figure 2). 

- Boots on the ground on the Kali East Block (see Figure 3). This will be the first time the Company has sent geologists to this portion of the project for surface prospecting, which was previously obtained from Harfang Exploration (see press release dated September 9, 2020). 

- Follow up surface work on the Golden Giant West Block, where drilling obtained anomalous results of up to 1.44g/t Au over 0.8m in GG-21-02 and 0.9% Zn over 0.5m in GG-21-03. Potential for both gold and VMS mineralization exists in this area. 

The Company also recently obtained high-resolution satellite imagery of the three Golden Giant blocks from Pacific Geomatics Limited. Images were taken by Maxar satellites with resolutions of up to 15cm high definition. With this high-resolution dataset, outcrops are easily observable, which can then be mapped and digitized. This data will greatly aid geologists while performing the surface prospecting program. 

The Golden Giant project comprises 3 properties, Golden Giant East, Golden Giant West and the Kali East block, covering 18,992 hectares and is contiguous to Azimut Exploration Inc.'s Patwon project as shown in Figure 1

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Figure 1: Location of the Golden Giant Project (red) with respect to neighbouring companies.

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Figure 2: Map showing completed drilling across the Golden Giant East block and highlighting the folded gabbroic unit (brown) to the east that contains anomalous gold intercepts. It can be seen that no sampling has been conducted in the hinge zone of this fold and little work done along the southern limb.

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Figure 3: The Kali East Block of the Golden Giant Project, where work is yet to be completed. Proximal gold, zinc and lithium showings are displayed.

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About QcX Gold

QcX Gold is exploring for gold and VMS style mineralization on its highly prospective and well-located properties in Québec, Canada. The Golden Giant Project is located in the James Bay region of Québec, only 2.9 km away from Azimut Exploration Inc.'s Patwon discovery on their Elmer gold project. The Fernet Project is located in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in the Province of Québec and is contiguous with Wallbridge Mining Company Limited's Fenelon/Martinière property. Both properties are in close proximity to major discoveries which bodes well for exploration.


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