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RJK discovers 4th kimberlite and largest intersect on Bishop Property

Dec 4, 2020

RJK Explorations Ltd.is pleased to announce that the company has discovered its fourth kimberlite body with its ongoing drill program on the Nipissing Diamond Project holdings in Lorrain Township near Cobalt.

Glenn Kasner, President of RJK stated, "The discovery of a fourth kimberlite on the Bishop property, in addition to the Kon kimberlite discovered earlier in the year, is remarkable. All members of our team had a geology professor some 45 years ago named Dan Atchinson, who first told us about the Nipissing Diamond. It was his hope that a graduate would find the source kimberlite pipe. RJK's management are all graduates of the Haileybury school of Mines (HSM), and so we have named this new discovery the HSM Kimberlite."


The HSM conductance anomaly is approximately 1,400 m in length by 350 m in width or approximately 45 hectares in size and is located 1 km south of the Robin's Place kimberlite (news release of November 24, 2020). As per the image in this news release, the new HSM kimberlite, along with the Paradis Pond and Robin's Place kimberlites are spatially associated with the Cross Lake Fault Structure, while the Gleeson kimberlite appears to be associated with a SW/NE fault structure.

Three drill holes were completed to test this anomaly, all of which returned kimberlite intersections. Drill hole HSM-20-01 intersected 14.45 m of kimberlite. Drill hole HSM-20-02 was located 325 m to the northwest of hole HSM-20-01 and intersected 48.2 m of kimberlite before being lost due to difficult drilling conditions. Drill hole HSM-20-03 was located 340 m to the north-west of drill hole HSM-20-02 and intersected 18.1 m of kimberlite. The HSM kimberlite is a tuffisitic kimberlite breccia with a monticellite-rich microcrystal matrix with accessory concentrations of phlogopite and ilmenite xenocrysts. 

Additional in-fill drilling is required to further define the boundaries of each of these conductance anomalies.

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