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RJK Explorations drills Kimberlite in 4 additional holes at Paradis Pond

Oct 7, 2020

The search for diamonds in near Cobalt in northeastern Ontario continues. RJK Explorations Ltd. has intersected kimberlite in four additional drill holes in the Paradis Pond/Goodwin Lake area.  of the Bishop Property, extending the NW to SE trend to over 700 m. 

Glenn Kasner, President and CEO of RJK, commented, "This near-surface kimberlite horizon, straddling Goodwin Lake and Paradis Pond and extending south, is extremely unique. The kimberite's uniformity is encouraging considering the excellent indicator mineral chemistry and the discovery of green, yellow and white diamonds on the northeast edge of the conductance anomaly from RJK's 2019 drilling. The hypothesis that RJK has been pursuing in our hunt for the source of the Nipissing Diamond is that it could have been found while constructing the historical wagon road connecting Paradis Bay to the silver mines in Cobalt, or found in Paradis Creek that cuts through the kimberlite layer that RJK has been drilling. We look forward to the first Paradis bulk sample results from CFM Labs."

Uniform kimberlite from holes PP-20-07 to PP-20-10 visually corresponds to RJK's reported kimberlite from Paradis Pond in 2019 that returned 18 microdiamonds, varying in colour, from a 22.4 kg sample and kimberlite intersects from PP-20-01 to PP-20-06 (news releases April 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 respectively). The kimberlite varies between 7 m to 17.3 m in true thickness, beginning as shallow as 2 m from surface, and appears to thicken to the southwest towards the Goodwin Lake Basin. All Paradis kimberlite is unconformably draped on top of granitic bedrock and all kimberlite intersections to date fall within the footprint of the regional airborne conductance anomaly measuring approximately 87 hectares. Two drill fences NW to SE and W to E have been constructed from 9 drill holes spanning a strike length of 700 m and 300 m respectively. Phlogopite and monticellite microcrysts are common in the porous, sandy clay-rich matrix.

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Table 1

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The company has prepared individual bulk samples measuring 160 kg in total from drill holes located on the NW to SE drill fence for testing at CFM Labs in Kelowna, B.C.

Hole PP-20-10 stepped out approximately 100 m east of PP-20-09, initiating a new W to E fence. Additional shallow drilling will be conducted to test the eastern limits of the conductance anomaly while the company awaits drill permits to drill test various magnetic anomalies associated with the Cross Lake fault structure.

The image below plots the Paradis region drill holes over an airborne regional conductance anomaly shown in the pink shaded region and the Cross Lake fault structure. 

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Nipissing Diamond Project

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Drill holes PP-20-08 and PP-20-09 also intersected sulphides in a mafic dike similar to drill hole PP-20-04 east of the Cross Lake Fault. Drill cores have been sent for assays.

A second conductance anomaly southeast of the current area has been selected for magnetic surveying by airborne drone.

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