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RJK Explorations drills kimberlite in 6 additional holes at Paradis Pond; expands kimberlite body

Oct 22, 2020

RJK Explorations Ltd. has intersected kimberlite in six additional drill holes in the Paradis Pond/Goodwin Lake area of the Bishop Property, extending the NW to SE trend to over 985 m, establishing a new E-W drill fence over 380 m.

"After drilling a remarkable 16 drill holes we are beginning to see that we have something truly unique and a semblance of a deposit is being revealed to us," Peter Hubacheck, RJK Explorations' Project Manager said,

The uniform kimberlite along the NW to SE drill fence from holes PP-20-09 to PP-20-16 visually corresponds to RJK's reported kimberlite from Paradis Pond in 2019 that returned 18 microdiamonds, varying in colour, from a 22.4 kg sample and kimberlite intersects from PP-20-01 to PP-20-10 (news releases April 1, 2020, August 31, 2020, and September 29, respectively). An E-W fence, represented by holes 9, 10, 11 and 12, covers a distance of 380 m. The kimberlite varies between 1.1 m to 23.5 m in true thickness, beginning as shallow as 2.5 m from surface, and appears to thicken to the southwest towards the Goodwin Lake Basin. 16 holes from 2020 in the Paradis kimberlite are unconformably draped on top of granite/diabase bedrock surfaces.

The EM conductance map has been updated to include RJK's next drill target which the company named "Gleeson." 15 of the 16 kimberlite intersections from 2020 fall within the footprint of the regional airborne conductance anomaly measuring approximately 87 hectares. Hole PP-20-12 was drilled outside the anomaly to test the east boundary of the kimberlite horizon, and intersected 1.1 m of kimberlite, suggesting the 87 hectare boundary of the EM conductance map likely expands further. 

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Nipissing Diamond Project

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Drilling will continue with hole PP-20-17 with a 400 m step out from hole PP-20-16.

The 160 kg sample (news release September 29,2020) has been received in Charles E Fipke's CFM Lab in Kelowna BC and the processing of the kimberlite has begun. 

RJK has published new historical information possibly relating to the Nipissing Diamond. A group of New Yorkers staked land claims within 600 m of the Paradis conductance anomaly in February of 1907, three months after the Montreal Herald reported that Tiffany Expedition geological team was sent west of Lake Temiskaming to search for diamonds. Among them were brothers of the world-famous financier, Bernard Baruch. The Company has posted a new video and an investor presentation to the website.

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