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RJK Explorations Outlines Diamond Sampling Program on Its Bishop Property Kimberlites

Dec 23, 2020

RJK Explorations has contracted a reverse circulation (RC) drill for its Bishop kimberlite properties, scheduled to begin January 4, 2021, pending any restrictions due to COVID-19. RC Drilling can be used for both initial exploration of potential kimberlite targets and diamond sampling, thus reducing RJK's overall discovery costs moving forward.

Previous small-diameter drilling was meant to discover kimberlites and determine potential for diamonds, however, overall recovery of the kimberlite material was poor due to the soft nature of the Bishop kimberlites. RJK's RC drill program is likely to recover 100% of the unconsolidated kimberlite material, in a faster, more cost-effective manner, while also being easier to maneuver around the property in the winter. RJK will mobilize the RC drill for the purpose of diamond sampling and recovery, testing the Paradis, Robin's Place, Gleeson and HSM kimberlites bodies. The Company will begin with a 3-inch diameter tri cone bit, drilling 2-3 holes near each existing diamond drill hole locations with spacing of 200 m along fences transecting each of the 4 kimberlites. This sampling methodology will achieve better representative samples while obtaining larger amounts of material for processing. The Company intends to engage labs specializing in the best diamond recovery processes. Additionally, RJK's program intends to mobilize the RC drill to target areas that were previously too difficult to access with the small drill. For areas requiring inclined holes, the RC drill can be converted into diamond drill coring, if necessary.

Pending the results of this initial RC drilling, the Company intends to initiate a stripping/trenching and bulk sampling program as early as the spring, in areas with the best results, and/or areas where kimberlite is topographically high and dry.

Glenn Kasner President and CEO stated, "Our overall goal is the discovery of large and/or coloured diamonds in an effort to find a diamond mine and revitalize the famous Cobalt Mining Camp. To achieve this, we must take and process large samples of kimberlite. Early discovery of diamonds is crucial to the Company's success, and this RC drilling program is intended to help us determine areas for bigger bulk sampling with the highest probability of success. We also must determine the reach of this unique kimberlite field, as we believe the structural controls for kimberlite emplacement are ideal for additional discoveries surrounding the Bishop kimberlites. A track-mounted RC drill is ideally suited for the rugged terrain conditions in Lorrain Township, reducing the man-hours necessary for drilling. Given the shallow nature of our discoveries, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to conduct this sampling program on a limited budget. Our progress is a testament to the team we have assembled and the shareholders who have financed this company, who share our focus."

About RC Drilling:

Reverse circulation drilling is achieved by blowing compressed air between the outside drill rod and an inner drill tube that carries the kimberlite cuttings from the tricone bit along with the water back up the inner drill tube. When the drill cuttings reach the RC drill rig they are processed in a cyclone that separates the water from the kimberlite which is then bagged to be sent for diamond analysis. 

RC equipment RJK will be using in 2021:

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