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RJK receives stripping, pitting and trenching permits for 3 Kimberlites

Nov 30, 2020

RJK Explorations Ltd. says permits for stripping, pitting, trenching and ground geophysics have been received for the Paradis, Robin's Place, and Gleeson kimberlites, to take samples in areas greater than 100m2, within a 200m radius, enabling the company to take large tonnage samples. 

RJK is initiating a sample of approximately four tons from three drill hole locations, with spacing distances of 225m, 420m and 330m from each other in a triangular pattern on the Paradis Pond kimberlite. The location of these samples was chosen to extend the kimberlite testing of the Paradis EM signature. 

Microlithics Laboratories Inc., a diamond processing facility located in Thunder Bay, Ontario will process RJK's first 4 ton sample for kimberlite indicator minerals as well as diamond observation and counts. The results will be sent to CFM labs in Kelowna for probing and classification. In addition, a second sample consisting of 160kg from the Company's Kon kimberlite discovered earlier this year will be processed by Microlithics. 

Glenn Kasner, CEO of RJK stated, "Receiving these permits is a big step forward for us. We have a unique opportunity to increase the sample size of our kimberlites for processing at very low extraction costs, given that the Paradis, Gleeson, and Robin's Place discoveries are unique and lie under very shallow overburden, and therefore traditional drilling and blasting procedures are not required. The company would like to thank a major shareholder of RJK who provided us with his new excavator to dig this first bulk sample from our Cobalt kimberlites."


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