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Sanatana samples up to 27.3 G/t gold at Timmins Gold Rush Project

Nov 20, 2020

Sanatana is providing an exploration update from its Gold Rush project in the Timmins region. Grab samples of up to 27.3 gt Au have been collected from the first round of exploration work. Samples greater than 5.0gt have been recovered from the Staten, North Vein, North Shaft and DC prospects. In addition to the high-grade gold, samples are also assaying for silver with an approximate silver to gold ratio of 5:1. The highest grade silver result was from a sample taken at the Staten prospect that assayed 3.51 gt Au and 53.4 gt Ag.

“The Gold Rush project represents a unique opportunity within 25km of the Timmins gold camp, where there is a notable concentration of untested gold and gold/silver bearing quartz vein systems," Buddy Doyle, President said, "The lack of exploration can be in part explained by historic fractured and piecemeal ownership. Sanatana is both the first company to hold the area under one entity, and the first company to apply a systematic modern exploration approach for precious metals to the large 4km by 7km Gold Rush project.”

The focus of the Company’s initial exploration activity was to locate, characterize and prioritize the numerous quartz vein systems on the property. At each occurrence, approximately 12 grab samples were taken focusing on the rock most likely to contain gold, although samples were also taken of the wall rock and alteration. While conducting this work a new gold-bearing quartz vein named “DC” was also identified. 

Results have been returned from the following prospects, North Shaft, North Vein, Staten, Di Paulo, Martel, and DC1 and these are summarized in Table 1. Out of the 106 samples, 24 reported above 1g/t. A map is also provided to show the location of these prospects. The North Shaft, North Vein, Staten and DC1 veins have proven to be gold bearing systems. The Martel and Di Paulo sphalerite-bearing quartz vein systems returned above 1% zinc values. Results are pending from the Leduc, De Santis, De Santis South prospects. Several prospects including 3-mile and NW are not yet sampled.

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