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SourceRock yields promising brine lithium results near Nipigon

Mar 26, 2024

Metal Energy Corp. has released the brine and lithogeochemical results from two brine reservoirs intersected in the company's first drill hole at the SourceRock project near Thunder Bay.

"Our next step is to map the subsurface geology with a geophysical survey to better determine the possible location of a central halite nucleus as the brine results from SR-24-01 clearly indicate a positive correlation between increased Na with increased Li," commented James Sykes, CEO of Metal Energy.

The brine results identified Total Dissolved Solids concentrations increasing with depth and significant concentrations of sodium, potassium, and calcium, especially lithium which follows sodium and potassium almost exponentially. The highest brine results were intersected within a clean sandstone unit at the base of the sedimentary formations, indicating the right type of brines are present on the Project. The lithogeochemical results show that the calcareous mudstones are enriched with calcium and magnesium, while the sandstones are mostly quartz-rich and generally devoid of elemental constituents. Careful analysis suggests the drill hole is on the edge of a large mature halite salar. The company plans a follow-up with a geophysical survey to map the subsurface geology and better determine the location of a potential central halite nucleus.

Metal Energy is a battery metal exploration company with two projects in Canada: Manibridge (Ni-Cu-Co-PGE) in Manitoba, and SourceRock (Li-Na-K) in Ontario. SourceRock is highly prospective for lithium brines in the Thunder Bay-Nipigon area, covering 915 square kilometers within the Proterozoic Sibley sedimentary basin. The project has excellent access to infrastructure and capacity that has supported previous exploration programs and mine development.

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