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Spearmint adds to its Perron-East Gold Project in Quebec

Jun 24, 2020

Spearmint Resources Inc. has expanded the Perron-East Gold Prospects to approximately 10,910 acres consisting of 6 mineral claim blocks located in the Abitibi greenstone belt of northwestern Quebec. These new claims are situated in the direct vicinity of Amex Exploration Inc.'s Perron property and past-producing Normetal mine. Amex recently announced (June 19, 2020) a 200,000-metre drill program. These newly acquired Perron-East Gold Prospects cover prospective ground for orogenic gold and polymetallic VMS-(volcanogenic massive sulphide)-style mineralization in a region well known for its gold occurrences and historical production. "Management cautions that past results or discoveries on properties in proximity to Spearmint may not necessarily be indicative to the presence of mineralization on the Company's properties"

Spearmint Resources Inc. also previously announced (June 19, 2020) that the Company is formulating plans for lithium in Nevada. Spearmint has two separate claim blocks in Nevada that are prospective for lithium known as the Elon property (Brine) and the McGee property (Clay) which cover an aggregate area of 1,160 acres. Exploration drilling had been completed (announced April 17, 2018) on its Clayton Valley Lithium Projects (McGee property) and has intersected lithium as high as 1,670 ppm Li. The three holes drilled into the clay formation all intersected lithium. Hole 1 had a range of 1670-396 ppm Li over 270 feet averaging 835 ppm Li, including 35 feet averaging 1,140 ppm Li. Hole 2 had a range of 1570-250 ppm Li averaging 642 ppm Li over 220 feet including 20 feet of 925 ppm Li. Hole 3 had a range of 1280-429 ppm Li averaging 772 ppm Li over 195 feet including 998 ppm Li over 20 feet. 

James Nelson, President of Spearmint, stated "The acquisition of this strategic new acreage adds a key piece to our Perron-East project. The spot price of gold has been steadily rising and the general sentiment towards the exploration market has been increasingly positive. We have flow through funds on hand and are excited to begin work on the claims package. We also look forward to getting back to work on our lithium in Clayton Valley. There has been an incredibly positive trend in the lithium space recently, especially in Nevada, and we have previously had drilling success on our McGee clay formation project (refer to map) bordering Cypress Development Corp."

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