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A Story of Evolution, Transformation, and People

Apr 21, 2021

The year of Covid has come and gone and as the world continues to vaccinate, companies like Timmins-based The Bucket Shop are charting their own course through these challenging times. “Many companies experienced a negative impact such as reduced revenue, increased layoffs, or perhaps even permanent closure,” said Vice-President Paul Woodward.  “The Bucket Shop (TBS) created its own pathway: one that was centred on evolution, transformation, and people.”
Fewer companies chose to invest during the height of the pandemic. TBS embraced the Keynesian economic theory and the Paradox of Thrift, that says endorse the act of increased investment in an economic downturn.
While the decision by the Woodward family matches that economic theory, it was driven by their own mandate to shift to a community-driven organization.
“TBS fulfilled its commitment to the City of Timmins, Provincial and Federal agencies, with the completion of a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility, housing 3 booths dedicated to abrasive blasting and painting,” said Woodward.
The multi-million-dollar investment anchored the company’s position as the welding and fabrication company of choice to the mining sector in northern Ontario.

Expanding the Training Innitiative

The TBS-designed Welding Training Program for Aboriginal Women celebrated its first anniversary in July of 2020. The second year of the program saw an enhanced curriculum that increased the level of welding competency and certification, in addition to creating more career opportunities for the graduates within TBS and the mining sector at large.
“The success of the program has surpassed expectations with 100% of the participants receiving at least one welding ticket (demonstrating welding competency). By the end of year 2, TBS will have trained 40 women in a new skilled trade and contributed positively to the critical labour shortage throughout the region and beyond.”
The program has garnered the attention of mining companies, education partners, and all levels of government. TBS is reviewing the potential to lead the development of a dedicated and standalone training facility focused on skilled trades.

Embracing new Employees from Outside Canada

The additional workload required the hiring of 15 new people. With the challenge to find skilled labour locally, they looked outside the Canadian borders for help. To complement the current workforce, they committed to adding four new certified welders with the long-term goal of becoming permanent citizens.

Developing a New Product Line: Rhinowear

To top things off, TBS continued to create solutions that help the earth moving sector with two major benefits: increase productivity and lower costs. The company challenged themselves to develop wear products that can contribute both benefits. In 2020, their efforts resulted in the formal launch of a new, exclusive line of wear products to service the mining sector locally and globally, Rhinowear.
The Rhinowear portfolio is the evolution of their initial line of TBS branded cast products introduced in 2015. The suite has expanded to include four wear product lines and unique engineering products. TBS assisted with the engineering of the design and metallurgy directly with their foundry and are proud to bring the products to market with a commitment to high performance standards and a low total cost of ownership.
1.    Chrome White Iron: This consumable category is focused on the most longevity at the best price. The metallurgical blend ensures excellent lifecycles for the traditional products such as chocky bars, wear buttons, or custom sized liner plates.
2. Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates: Rhinowear CCO plates are manufactured for severe abrasion and moderate impact environments. TBS has three performance levels available in thicknesses that range from ¾” to 2”.
3.  Wear Compounds/Surfacing Polymers: These trowel-applied compounds are excellent for repairs of environments experiencing high wear from abrasion. They have alternatives for general applications, fast cure options, and even a replacement for ceramic tile.
4.  Cast Solutions (Heel Shrouds, Lip Systems): Born out of the original TBS HiPER brand of heel shrouds and cast lip systems, the Rhinowear name has been applied to all their cast solutions. They developed heel shrouds, corner protectors, and protective lip systems for any make or size of bucket.
5. Engineered Lifting Devices: What started as internal use, quickly expanded to an offering that can be produced in mass quantities with the TBS CNC plasma cutting table. The lifting devices are Engineer stamped and come with welding instructions. They are available in D style or A style with lifting capacity ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 pounds.

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