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Tartisan names First Nations Liaison, commits to community

Mar 26, 2024

Tartisan Nickel Corp. announces its partnership with Northwest Solutions Inc. for the Kenbridge Nickel Project, aiming to provide road design, permitting, and project management support using advanced technologies. The team includes Kevin Shorthouse as the Road Design and Permitting Project Manager and Brandi Shorthouse as the Finance and Communications Manager. Additionally, Gregory Edwards has been appointed as the Company's First Nations Liaison, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and sustainable practices in exploration activities. This initiative marks a significant step towards the development of the Kenbridge Nickel Project, highlighting the company's commitment to responsible mining practices and community involvement.

"Kevin's extensive background in Canada's Natural Resources Sector spans over a 20-year period and consists of a unique blend of field experience, project management, and technological innovation," said CEO Mark Appleby. "Kevin will be engaging with Indigenous and local community members as Northwest Solutions collaborates to integrate traditional spaces of spiritual and historical value, while also potentially providing FireSmart and natural resources technical training to local community members, contributing to capacity building and land management practices."

"Brandi Shorthouse brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of financial project management," said CEO Mark Appleby. "As a settler - who is an engaged ally - she recognizes the importance of reconciliation and commits to heart-centered business practices which prioritizes relational approaches. Brandi will support Tartisan Nickel Corp. in engaging with local Indigenous communities during the consultation process."

"As the First Nations Liaison for the Kenbridge Nickel Project, Greg recognizes the importance of building trust and establishing meaningful connections with First Nations communities," articulated CEO Mark Appleby. "Guided by a profound respect for Indigenous rights, traditional culture - as well as a transparent, relational process - is unwavering in his commitment to amplify the voices and address the concerns of First Nations communities throughout the mineral exploration process."

"2024 promises to be a milestone year as multiple on-going initiatives come together," states CEO Mark Appleby. "Alignment with Indigenous communities, summation of baseline studies, project permitting endeavours, and all-season road access combined with continued efforts to expand the Kenbridge mine life are in focus and should prove to have a profound impact on shareholder value."

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