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TomaGold proposes new slate of Directors and new geology team for Chibougamau and Red Lake projects

Oct 6, 2020

“With the Monster Lake transaction, our stronger financial position and our promising gold projects in the Chibougamau and Red Lake mining camps, it was time to better align our corporate structure with our new stated objective of becoming a premier Canadian gold mining company,” said David Grondin, President and Chief Executive Officer of TomaGold.

TOMAGOLD CORPORATION says its current Board of Directors has proposed a slate of directors for the upcoming Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders scheduled for November 6, 2020. TomaGold’s proposed slate of directors to be voted on at the Meeting will consist of the following: David Grondin, Michel E. Labrousse, Jean-Sébastien Jacquetin, Caitlin Jeffs, Albert Contardi and Wanda Cutler. Robert Desjardins, Pierre Lépine, Robert Rosner and Vittorio Violo will not present their candidatures for re-election at the Meeting. The Corporation wishes to thank them for their valuable contributions over the years.

The Corporation has also created an advisory committee composed of Victor Cantore, Claude Larouche, George C. Patterson and Robert McPhinney, and has appointed André Jean as its Director of Exploration, Quebec, and Caitlin Jeffs as its Director of Exploration, Ontario and rest of Canada.

“These new appointments will strengthen and add depth to our geological, financial and communication expertise and will considerably enhance our network within the mining and financial communities. The addition to our team of geologist André Jean, to whom we can attribute the initial high-grade discoveries on Monster Lake, and geologist Caitlin Jeffs, with her strong knowledge of the Red Lake mining camp, will help us structure our exploration activities so that we can replicate what we achieved at Monster Lake. I believe that this new corporate structure has the potential to create strong added value for our shareholders in the long run.”

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