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Wallbridge reports up to 99% recovery of gold from metallurgical testing in Tabasco and Area 51

Sep 3, 2020

Wallbridge Mining has checked off another big milestone in its quest to become Quebec's next gold producer.  Wallbridge has completed the first phase of metallurgical testing of the Tabasco and Area 51 zones from Wallbridge’s Fenelon Gold Project at SGS Laboratories, achieving gold recoveries up to 99.1% using conventional and proven technologies.

“These initial metallurgical results are very positive and achieve a number of important objectives,” stated Marz Kord, President & CEO of Wallbridge Mining Company Limited. “First, they demonstrate that very high gold recoveries can be expected from Tabasco and Area 51 mineralization. Second, they indicate these recoveries can be achieved using time-tested technologies that are readily available. Finally, they confirm the quality and consistency of the Tabasco and Area 51 mineralized package that we saw in the Main Gabbro during the bulk sample in 2018-19.”

The goals of this latest round of metallurgical testing by SGS were to evaluate gold recovery for various grind sizes and processing technologies for representative material from Tabasco and Area 51 zones.

Representative samples from low-grade and high-grade areas of the Tabasco (Figure 1) and Area 51 (Figure 2) zones were tested for their amenability to gravity separation as well as cyanidation under varying grind sizes and conditions (Table 1). Testing shows total recoveries using gravity and cyanidation of up to 99.1%; gravity recoveries of gold reached 84.1%.

Metallurgical test work results:

Preliminary metallurgical test work done on the Tabasco and Area 51 zones returned excellent results achieving gold recoveries up to 99.1%. The test work was carried out on three composites prepared from assay lab rejects from fourteen individual holes. The results are comparable to the results achieved to date from the Main Gabbro zone in laboratory and bulk sample ore processing.

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