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Wesdome Announces Results of Annual General Meeting and Issues 2020 ESG Report

Jun 2, 2021

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. announces the results of the company’s 2021 annual general meeting of shareholders held by way of live webcast earlier today. A replay of the Meeting is available on the Company’s website.

A total of 82,475,962 common shares were represented at the Meeting, representing 59.05% of the total issued and outstanding common shares of the Company.

All matters presented for shareholder approval at the Meeting were approved, as follows:

a) Appointment of Grant Thornton LLP as auditors of the Company for the ensuing year and authorizing the directors of fix their remuneration;
b) Election of the directors of the Company for the ensuing year; and
c) Approval of an advisory non-binding resolution accepting the approach to executive compensation disclosed in the Management Information Circular of the Corporation dated April 19, 2021

The Company is also pleased to announce that it has issued its second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Report, which provides an overview of the company’s ESG strategies, policies, commitments, and 2020 performance.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the Company
  • Local procurement expenditures totally $56 million, representing 36% of the total procurement expenditures from Eagle River Complex and Kiena Complex
  • Completion of an ESG materiality assessment to inform key ESG factors for the Company
  • Further alignment with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board reporting standard for Metals & Mining

“Despite 2020 presenting us all with exceptional and unexpected challenges, it was also a year where Wesdome was able to make significant strides forward in our ESG journey,” said Mr. Duncan Middlemiss, President and CEO. “Across the Company, we are in the process of establishing a new framework of systems, policies and procedures to create and support a company-wide culture of sustainability. Our 2020 ESG report outlines the progress we have made over the last year, which will continue to build on in years to come. As Wesdome continues forward on the path to growth, we are committed to building the foundation for sustainable success.”

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