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West Red Lake Gold reports 2023 Drill Results and achievements from Rowan

Jan 17, 2024

West Red Lake Gold Mines Ltd. is pleased to report final drill results from the 2023 drilling campaign at its 100% owned Rowan Property located in the prolific Red Lake Gold District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. 

The Rowan drill holes highlighted in this news release were focused on infilling gaps in the geologic model between the East and West Zones, as well as infill and expansion at depth on the West Zone ore shoot. Most of the historic production at the Rowan Mine was from the West ore shoot area - mainly concentrated on Veins 103 & 104. Notably, hole RLG-23-177 was successful in intercepting 4.0m @ 9.5 g/t Au approximately 80m beneath the historic workings, demonstrating the down-plunge potential that still exists in the West Zone.



  • Hole RLG-23-177 Intersected 4.0m @ 9.5 g/t Au, from 212m to 216m, Including 0.75m @ 25.20 g/t Au, from 212m to 212.75m, Also including 1.1m @ 13.0 g/t Au, from 213.25m to 214.35m.


  • Hole RLG-23-175 Intersected 2.7m @ 3.66 g/t Au, from 211m to 213.7m, Including 0.7m @ 13.41 g/t Au, from 213m to 213.7m; And 3.6m @ 3.13 g/t Au, from 221m to 224.6m, Including 0.5m @ 20.01 g/t Au, from 223.6m to 224.1m; And 9.0m @ 3.25 g/t Au, from 255m to 264m, Including 0.5m @ 51.67 g/t Au, from 259.9m to 260.4m. 


  • Hole RLG-23-174 Intersected 1.0m @ 12.21 g/t Au, from 185m to 186m; And 2.0m @ 10.84 g/t Au, from 406m to 408m, Including 0.5m @ 42.60 g/t Au, from 406m to 406.5m.


  • Hole RLG-23-179 Intersected 1.0m @ 16.19 g/t Au, from 420m to 421m, Including 0.5m @ 31.65 g/t Au, from 420.5m to 421m.


  • Hole RLG-23-180 Intersected 3.5m @ 3.22 g/t Au, from 92.5m to 96.0m, Including 0.55m @ 15.90 g/t Au, from 93.95m to 94.50m; And 2.0m @ 6.09 g/t Au, from 203m to 205m, Including 0.6m @ 19.99 g/t Au, from 203.7m to 204.3m.


  • Hole RLG-23-173 Intersected 0.5m @ 17.78 g/t Au, from 218.5m to 219m.


  • Hole RLG-23-176C Intersected 1.5m @ 3.93 g/t Au, from 281m to 282.5m, Including 0.5m @ 10.68 g/t Au, from 282m to 282.5m. 


Shane Williams, President & CEO, stated, "We are very pleased to announce this final round of drill results from the 2023 exploration campaign at Rowan. The work completed at Rowan during 2023 was catalyst rich, and not only demonstrated the high-grade growth potential of the deposit, but also our commitment to sustainable exploration and development in Red Lake. Working towards a restart scenario at the Madsen Mine will remain the primary focus for our team in 2024, but we are also very excited about the exploration potential we see in the district and look forward to updating our shareholders on continued exploration successes and Company milestones throughout the year."

Sections for the Rowan Mine drilling outlined in this release are provided in Figures 1 through 6. 


Rowan Property 2023 Exploration Achievements

  • Acquired remaining interest in the Rowan Property from Evolution Mining, bringing ownership to 100% (see press release dated March 9th)

  • Drilled a total of 62 holes for 20,211.4m of NQ diamond drill core at the Rowan Mine deposit – highlights announced from the 2023 drilling include:

    • 70.80 g/t Au over 8.3m in hole RLG-23-163B (see press release dated September 12th)

    • 50.52 g/t Au over 4.0m in hole RLG-23-149B (see press release dated August 1st)

    • 66.66 g/t Au over 2.0m in hole RLG-23-153 (see press release dated August 29th)

    • 45.20 g/t Au over 2.0m in hole RLG-23-166B (see press release dated October 11th)

    • 10.34 g/t Au over 8.0m in hole RLG-23-134 (see press release dated May 23rd)


  • Positive metallurgical test results from Rowan Deposit indicating overall gold extraction above 98%, requiring only minor changes to the existing flowsheet at Madsen Mill (see press release dated November 15th).


  • Defined the high-grade East Zone ore shoot at Rowan down to 490m depth – still remains open for expansion below this level.


  • Drilled an additional 2 holes for 780m of NQ diamond drill core at the Red Summit NE target – results confirmed geologic thesis and warrant additional drilling in this area.


  • Conducted baseline orientation soil sampling survey - 344 sample sites focused on C-horizon material. Sampling grid covered prospective ground near Rowan and Mt Jamie mine sites and along trend of NT Zone. Assay results received and currently being evaluated.


  • Completed reprocessing of two airborne magnetic geophysical datasets and conducted a property-wide LiDAR survey including a corridor along the Mt Jamie access road for future engineering considerations.


  • Initiated baseline environmental and archaeological assessments to begin advancing the Rowan deposit towards an Advanced Exploration Permit to allow for collection of a bulk sample.

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