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Xander Resources Expands Val-d'or East Senneville Properties

Jun 2, 2020

Xander Resources Inc. has acquired the Senneville West Property. The Property is contiguous with its Senneville Group of Claims South Property that is North of and contiguous to Probe Metals Val-d'Or East Project, located 20 km North East of Val-d'Or, Quebec (Xander May 28, 2020 release). The Senneville West claim comprises 80 claims which extend from the Eastern arbitrary boundary of Hwy 397, to the northwest for 10km.

The Abitibi Greenstone Belt is renowned for its many gold occurrences and gold mines. In any direction from the Senneville Property, both historic and newly recognized occurrences abound. The same Archean greenstones which underlie the Senneville Group of Claims are cut off at the western end of the Senneville West claim group by the La Corne Batholith. However, they extend in a sinuous, eastward band almost to the Grenville Front and are endowed all along that trend with gold showings and old mines. 

The Garden Island sediments underlie the southern extremity of the property. These sediments are predominantly sandstone, siltstone and mudstone, and minor conglomerate. The greater part of the property overlies the Lanaudiere Formation which, within the limits of the property, is comprised of mafic flows and volcanoclastic, and lesser komatiites, gabbros and ultra-mafic sills. All of these units trend to the west- northwest and dip steeply to the north. Numerous west-northwest trending, dextral and reverse dextral faults are present and often coincide with the contacts between sub-units.

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