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Harte Gold Reports Additional Gold Mineralization South of Its Sugar Zone Mine

Jul 5, 2019
Harte Gold reports that drilling 200 metres to the south of its Sugar Zone mine has returned mineralization with a grade of 27.6 g/Au over 1.68 metres.
The company also reported that In the parallel Upper Zone area, mineralization has been extended along strike and down dip.  The expansion of this area was identified by Harte Gold following Sugar Zone ramp development. The results indicate  potentially mineable resources.
Harte Gold reported that In Q1, it produced 5,476 ounces of gold and for April and May produced 5,438 ounces, for a total to the end of May of 10,914 ounces.  Final production figures for June are still to be released.
Harte Gold's Sugar Zone mine is located 24 km. north of White River, Ontario and 80 km east of the Hemlo Gold deposit.
Stephen G. Roman, President and CEO of Harte Gold, commented, “Our next milestones at the Sugar Zone Mine are to maximize throughput and supply the mill with consistent, higher grade, run-of-mine ore.  Our target is to achieve this by the fourth quarter of 2019, consistent with our Feasibility Plan.”
Mr. Roman added, “Mill throughput continues to perform as expected and 800 tpd has been achieved.  Our focus continues to be on the ramp up of underground operations.  We are reinvesting cash flow from gold production into underground development and will continue to do so for the remainder of this year.”
The company reported that its  mill operations have stabilized and have demonstrated the capacity to run at 800 tpd while maintaining planned recoveries.
Harte Gold which began production in January, 2019 continues to ramp up its underground operations. Mine production is currently coming from sill development and stopes in the Sugar Zone south area.
Surface stockpiles were drawn to supplement underground mine production in May and June.
Development of the Sugar Zone north limb continues, stope production is expected by September.
When the Sugar Zone north and south limbs are both operational, the Company expects to supply the mill solely from run-of-mine (ROM) production.
The Company is on track achieve this by Q4 2019, consistent with the Feasibility Study plan.
Stope ore was mined at the 140 and 155 levels of the Sugar Zone south area.  Mined stopes are coming out as planned with minimal external dilution.
Harte's ore production was lower than target for the months of May and June due to lack of stope availability and ventilation development, reducing daily performance.
Ventilation work was recently completed and mine performance will improve as post-blast smoke clearing will be more efficient.
Development at the Sugar Zone north limb is underway.  Stope production from this area is expected to start in September to support the continued ramp up of mine production.
For more information please visit https://www.hartegold.com/