Canadian Trade Ex


Apr 14, 2014

Growing a Graphics Department
We live in a connected world, and as such the challenges of getting your message through to your audience is continuously getting more difficult. It’s for this reason that presentation has become ever more important. We pride ourselves in understanding these dynamics and work tirelessly to stay ahead of the design paradigm in the print/web/video world.

As a new service to our clients we will be leveraging our expertise and introducing exciting services that will include the following:
• Print layout and production, we have been printing our own magazines and have developed expertise in all graphic formats. Get a quote that includes graphics only or print only.
• Multi Media development from editing to adding special effects.
• Animation
• Marketing Collateral, logo design , stationary design..
• Trade Show Booth Design..

Canadian Trade-Ex would be more then happy to forward samples of our work. I have attached a few of our more recent projects..

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Careers in Mining

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