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Applied Mineralogy Analysis

May 22, 2014
Applied Mineralogy provides the following key information that plays important roles in planing the exploration, mining and ore processing stages of a project: 
Modal Mineralogy: Identification and quantification of the major, minor and trace minerals. 
Particle and textural Analyses: Analyses for studying the size distribution, association, locking and liberation of the target minerals 
Target Mineral Search: It is an specific search for the mineral of economic value and its associations with elemental deportment 
These analyses can be performed on polished thin sections, crushed and uncrushed rock samples, drill cores, pyrometallurgical products, concentrates, tailings, hydrometallurgy and refinery residues, and pilot plant tests. 

Source: http://www.actlabs.com/page.aspx?menu=67&app=237&cat1=587&tp=2&lk=no

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