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Lands Resources Department

Jul 31, 2014
The Lands and Resources Department provides strategic and policy advice regarding the conservation, protection and management of the natural resources within the Mushkegowuk traditional territory to the Grand Chief, and to the Chiefs and Councils of Mushkegowuk First Nations. The program also provides support to the First Nations of Mushkegowuk regarding the potential development of those resources.
It is the intention of the Lands and Resources Department to support the aspirations of the First Nations of Mushkegowuk to be an integral part of any resource development occurring on their traditional territories both in decision making and economic participation.
Mushkegowuk First Nations are facing a large range of new development projects and policy changes that will have a lasting impact on the entire region.
Lands & Resources Staff
Timmins Office
Telephone: (705) 268-3594  |  Fax: (705) 268-3282
Vern Cheechoo, Director of Lands & Resources
Email: verncheechoo@mushkegowuk.ca
Barb Duffin, GIS/Information Manager
Email: bduffin@mushkegowuk.ca
Sarah Couchie, GIS Officer
Email: sarahcouchie@mushkegowuk.ca
Natalie Lajeunesse, Mining Exploration Advisor
Email: natalie@mushkegowuk.ca
Kim Rozon, Mining Exploration Advisor
Email: kimrozon@mushkegowuk.ca
Pauline Veenstra, Finance Administration Officer
Email: paulineveenstra@mushkegowuk.ca
Gibert Scott, Species at Risk
Email: gilbertscott@mushkegowuk.ca
John Okonmah, EDO Project Officer
Email: johnokonmah@mushkegowuk.ca 

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