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Northshore Property

Apr 15, 2015
GTA has created considerable shareholder value at Northshore through its technical expertise, careful management style and protection of the shareholders’ rights. We eagerly await the results from Phase 4.

The Northshore Property is located in the Hemlo-Schreiber greenstone belt of northwestern Ontario.

• Option from Balmoral Resources (BAR) GTA can earn up to 70% interest
• 5 patented, 2 unpatented claims located 70 km west of Hemlo (23M oz Au)
• Hemlo – Schreiber Greenstone Belt / Abitibi Greenstone
• Road accessible, 4 km south of Trans Canada Highway
• High grade vein sets within Afric Zone “porphyry gold system”
• Previous work (Noranda) outlined 2.0 million tonnes at 2.2 g/t Au (non-compliant)
• 52 holes drilled by GTA since fall, 2011 – outlining high grade and bulk tonnage opportunities (click here to see complete results from the GTA drilling)

Bulk tonnage potential as shown in recent drilling include:
• 3.21 g/t over 149.5 m (1.20 capped)
• 1.2 g/t over 240 m
 • 0.58 g/t over 343.8 m
 • 0.46 g/t over 316.0 m
High grade intersections include:
• 12.49 g/t over 33.2 m
• 4.35 g/t over 14.6 m
• 3.10 g/t over 18.0 m
• 9.78 g/t over 5.0 m

GTA Resources optioned the Northshore property in 2011 and has completed 52 drill holes in four phases. The fourth phase ran from March to Dec, 2013 with the discovery of the Gino Vein. The Afric Zone is the focus of the exploration program and it has proven to be a widespread  gold system hosted in a felsic porphyry and volcanic package. The underlying geology is part of the Hemlo-Schreiber Greenstone belt which also hosts the Hemlo Gold mines, 70 km to the east. The property has excellent infrastructure being within 10 km of the town of Schreiber where GTA’s field office is located.
The claims are located within the traditional lands of Pays Platte First Nation and the company maintains an excellent working relationship with the First Nation.
Initial discovery and delineation of a number of high grade quartz veins occurred between 1898 and 1935, culminating in the production of 2,411 ounces of gold in 1935 from the Northshore vein at a grade of 21.9 g/t. Subsequent work by Noranda and Cyprus Canada in an area located 500 meters south of the Northshore deposit, discovered the Afric Zone as a lower grade gold halo surrounding a number of high grade vein sets. In 1992 Noranda outlined a non-compliant resource of 2,000,000 tonnes at a grade of 2.2 g/t Au.
GTA’s work has further outlined the Afric Zone as having a main Central Zone with substantial extensions to the West, East and Northeast. The mineralized envelope has minimum dimensions of approximately 450 meters by 200 meters by 280 meters depth as demonstrated by Hole WB-12-29 (0.58 g/t over a core length of 343.8m) and hole WB-12-33 (0.46 g/t over 316.0m). The on-going drilling is primarily focused on outlining and modeling the plus 1.0 g/t mineralization with a secondary priority placed on confirming the continuity on the high grade zones. Phase 4 delineated a new gold zone deserving of further exploration.

Source: http://www.gtaresources.com/properties/northshore-property/