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Blackflake West Graphite Property

May 21, 2015
Metals Creek’s Blackflake West Property located northwest of Hearst, Ontario covers several magnetic lows on the western edge of an oval shaped, 27km x 74km intrusion which hosts Zenyatta’s Albany graphite property. The recently staked claims are adjacent to Zenyatta’s claim block which hosts the newly discovered graphite discovery. The 12 claim, 175 unit contiguous claim block is tied onto Zenyatta’s western boundary. Overall, the large intrusion has a magnetic high signature with round pockets having magnetic low anomalies, which are the target of numerous exploration companies as a potential source of the ‘high purity’ (hydrothermal) graphite. The known mineralization in the area has been described as occurring in breccia pipes having dimensions in the order of 200 m by 400 m. It is believed that the graphite breccia pipes that exist on Zenyatta’s Albany project are similar to kimberlite pipes (diatremes) and are likely to occur in clusters along structural corridors. The entire regional area has not received a modern airborne geophysical survey and never been flown for EM anomalies.
Zenyatta’s newly discovered, high-purity (hydrothermal) graphite deposits on the western edge of the Porcupine Mining Division, have initiated extensive exploration activity northwest of Hearst, Ontario. Zenyatta Ventures Limited is currently conducting exploration programs targeting graphite (Cg). This area has been largely ignored in the past as a result of poor outcrop exposure and younger Phanerozoic (460-360 Ma) cover rocks.
Metals Creek has recently completed a VTEM plus time domain airborne over previously identified magnetic lows resulting in the discovery of several prospective electromagnetic (EM) anomalies. One anomaly in particular returned a strong conductive response on all channels within a magnetic low.

Source: http://www.metalscreek.com/article/blackflake-west-graphite-property-327.asp