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Sokkia unveils new series of rugged total stations – SET-60

Jun 19, 2013

Sokkia Corporation announces a new series of total stations—the SET-60.
Available in two models – 2- and 5-second configurations – the SET-60 is compact, has a single-prism range of more than a 2000m(6,560ft) and can be used with any Sokkia field controllers running MAGNET™ software for more intricate construction projects.
Brice Walker, vice president-survey sales, said, “The SET-60 will give users a high performance, high quality entry-level total station that will connect to most popular field controllers on the market, or a computer.  High value at an economical price.”
The total station series standard equipment includes a battery and charger, two displays and an optical plummet
Additional information is available at the SET-60 product page.

Source: https://ca.sokkia.com/news/sokkia-unveils-new-series-rugged-total-stations-%E2%80%93-set-60