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Mine Laborer

By K+S Windsor Salt Ltd

Dead Line: May 16, 2021

As directed, performs a variety of tasks from unskilled to skilled and is the labor pool from which additional or vacant bid jobs are filled on a daily, weekly or longer basis.
Works in an underground mine where temperatures in the work areas range from 78o - 100oF. The relative humidity is high in summer and low in winter. Work areas are generally dry. Lighting is provided in key areas; however, most areas are illuminated only by a miners cap lamp and/or by equipment lighting. Floor heave is prevalent and may result in uneven floor conditions. Floors may also be polished by mobile equipment traffic resulting in slippery footing. Some work must be done around machinery and equipment that is in motion as well as around energized power cables. As with all work underground, this position requires attention be paid to roof and rib conditions.
Essential Functions:
  • Must be capable of lifting 65# on a frequent basis.
  • Must be able to perform laborer tasks such as shoveling, handling and hanging power cable, extend conveyor belt structure, hanging brattice curtain, general cleanup, etc.
  • Must know operation of key pieces of mobile equipment such as tractors, pick-ups, LHD, FEL, haul truck, etc. so that they can "fill-in" when needed.
  • Must know the operation of stationary equipment such as Crushing/Screening and Bin and Skip.
  • Must be familiar with JSA's on both mobile and stationary equipment they are qualified to operate. To be alert for any conditions which could pose a safety hazard or result in injury or equipment breakdown or damage, and to report or correct such conditions immediately.
  • Must be able to climb a ladder at least 8' in length several times a day while mounting and dismounting equipment.
  • Must be able to see clearly with only cap lamp or equipment lighting.
  • Must be able to walk over terrain varying from soft to hard as well as slick and uneven.
  • Must be able to sit in operators seat for long periods of time, subjected to whole body vibration while operating mobile equipment.
  • Must be able to operate various machinery by manipulating multiple hand and foot control levers, sometimes simultaneously.
  • Must be able to use a shovel to clean up spillage and lift 5 feet.
Other Functions:
  • Scales or assists in scaling, as required, on back, face or ribs.
  • Make minor repairs or adjustments and assist mechanics in major repairs as directed while operating mobile equipment.
  • Fill out inspection sheets, timecards, production, and other reports properly as required.
  • Does other related work as directed by the Superintendent or foreman.
Morton Salt is an equal opportunity employer.  We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, and other legally protected characteristics.

Underground Miner / Mill Operator
This is a permanent position in our underground salt mining operation. Responsibilities include safe operation of mining equipment, operation and monitoring of processing equipment, conveyors, and working well in a team environment.
Heavy Duty Mechanic
This is a permanent position in our Maintenance Department. Responsibilities include safe repair, assembly, or rebuilding of machinery and equipment, and working well in a team environment.

The Production portion of this position is to provide accurate and detailed production information and to coordinate and manage the flow of this information from the Production Personnel through the computer, to management.

Shaft Mine Captain

Reporting to the Operations Manager or General Manager; Shaft Mine Captain is an all-encompassing role for two mine hoist plants (one winder and one Koepe hoist), all shaft related work including sump dewatering, all mine utilities (surface to underground), and complete hoist loading/unloading systems.

Mine Laborer

As directed, performs a variety of tasks from unskilled to skilled and is the labor pool from which additional or vacant bid jobs are filled on a daily, weekly or longer basis.


Under direct supervision of the maintenance foreman and mine foreman, is responsible for general maintenance, servicing, installation and construction of mine mobile and stationary equipment.