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Shaft Mine Captain

By K+S Windsor Salt Ltd

Dead Line: May 16, 2021

Reporting to the Operations Manager or General Manager; Shaft Mine Captain is an all-encompassing role for two mine hoist plants (one winder and one Koepe hoist), all shaft related work including sump dewatering, all mine utilities (surface to underground), and complete hoist loading/unloading systems. Shaft Mine Captain will direct and supervise a team of mechanics, electricians, and shaft men.
  • Promotes safe work practices and conditions. Strives to minimize the number of work-related accidents. Monitors/enforces safety training activity to see that weekly safety meetings are relevant. Monitors task training and J.S.A.’s to see they are kept up to date. Evaluates accident investigation reports and makes recommendations to help stop reoccurrence. Follows up to see that corrective action is taken when needed. Reviews all aspects of the operation to make sure that Company Safety Policy, State and Federal law are observed.
  • Directly supervises key employees to complete designated work tasks.
  • Supervises, coordinates, and schedules all contractor related work requirements.
  • Coordinates with other members of the operations staff to project short and midrange production/maintenance schedules, manpower needs, and operational requirements.
  • Executes weekly production/ maintenance targets based on site schedules.
  • Strives to create a positive employee relations climate by supervising in a consistent, fair manner. Reviews the performance of employees as scheduled.
  • Reviews scheduled maintenance work orders with shift Maintenance Foreman. Ensures required kitting is available for tasks assigned through week. Ensures corrective action in motion for deficiencies observed. Makes recommendations to Operations/General Manager as to key equipment improvements and long-term correction strategies.
  • Consulting with Mine General Foreman and Engineering Department to ensure ground control program and policy are being completed correctly. Personally inspects areas of questionable roof. Initiates corrective action.
  • Administers his/her areas of responsibility within the constraints of Company Policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Assists with contract interpretation and with the resolution of disputes and grievances.
  • Evaluates the need for production equipment operation training or maintenance skills training for hourly employees. Communicates this need to the Safety Trainer/ Health and Safety Manager.
  • Working with Operations Manager; ensures hoisting cyclical structure is being completed in accordance to Mine Plan. Ensures ventilation on working sections meets or exceeds company/state/federal standards. Ensures employee safety in working areas as to best working practices and tools are in place for success. Completes corrective actions as required.
  • Responsible for belt line maintenance and component change outs for hoisting loading and unloading belts.
  • Attends key site scheduling meetings; provides feedback and input into scheduling work flow. Works with Maintenance General Foremen to ensure all equipment preparations for maintenance work is completed on assigned shifts.
  • Performs routine mine inspections entering required notifications for corrective actions.
  • Ensures the EH&S policy and procedures are properly communicated to employees, visitors and contractors and followed.
  • Serves as liaison with regulatory agencies.
  • Aligns KPI’s to site targets and companywide strategic road paths for success
  • Responsible to maintain Mine Hoist Plant Log books which will record maintenance, electrical, wire rope, operator checks, and other essential tasks functions. Will be responsible to maintain a separate mine shaft log book as well.
  • Completes corrective actions as required with salary and unionized employees as required.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Must be able to obtain State of Ohio Underground Foreman’s Certification within one years’ time
  • Must be able to be deemed competent person by CFR30 46.2 within six months’ time.
  • Must have proof and demonstratable skills from 7 to 12 years of prior shaft and mine hoist plant experience in timber guided shafts. Other hoist guidance systems optional.
  • Must understand total operational aspects of winders and friction hoists
  • Must have 10 years+ experience and strong operational knowledge of mining pneumatic hand tools
  • Must be able to physically train employees one on one in correct operational procedures
  • Must have attended a secondary mine hoist plant schooling (Common Core Acceptable) or be willing to complete secondary schooling one years’ time
  • Must have impeccable organizational and leadership skills
Morton Salt is an equal opportunity employer.  We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, and other legally protected characteristics.

Underground Miner / Mill Operator
This is a permanent position in our underground salt mining operation. Responsibilities include safe operation of mining equipment, operation and monitoring of processing equipment, conveyors, and working well in a team environment.
Heavy Duty Mechanic
This is a permanent position in our Maintenance Department. Responsibilities include safe repair, assembly, or rebuilding of machinery and equipment, and working well in a team environment.

The Production portion of this position is to provide accurate and detailed production information and to coordinate and manage the flow of this information from the Production Personnel through the computer, to management.

Shaft Mine Captain

Reporting to the Operations Manager or General Manager; Shaft Mine Captain is an all-encompassing role for two mine hoist plants (one winder and one Koepe hoist), all shaft related work including sump dewatering, all mine utilities (surface to underground), and complete hoist loading/unloading systems.

Mine Laborer

As directed, performs a variety of tasks from unskilled to skilled and is the labor pool from which additional or vacant bid jobs are filled on a daily, weekly or longer basis.


Under direct supervision of the maintenance foreman and mine foreman, is responsible for general maintenance, servicing, installation and construction of mine mobile and stationary equipment.