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Careers in Mining

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A Career in Mining Is More Than You Think!
If you're looking for:
• Challenge
• Adventure
• Travel
• Good Pay
• Great Opportunity

It's time to consider a career in mining!
Your Tools: State-of-the-art technology, robotics, remote-controlled equipment
Your Rewards: High salaries, career advancement, travel
Your Motivation: Dynamic work environment, teamwork, stability
Why consider a career in mining? For starters, the stability of the industry is a strong incentive. Unlike the hard economic times currently troubling other industries, the Canadian mining industry is experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. This means tremendous career opportunities within the industry in all aspects of exploration, development, operations, and site reclamation.
In fact, Canada's mining industry is forecasting the need for thousands of additional workers each year up to the year 2016!
Be part of a progressive, dynamic industry. A career in mining has many benefits. Here are a few:
• One of the highest paying industrial sectors in Canada
• A technologically advanced industry that welcomes highly skilled workers
• A major player in Canada's economy and a leader on the world stage
• An enviable safety record that is second to none among heavy industries in Canada
• A strong commitment to sustainable development practices that protect the natural environment and respond to the needs of local communities

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Careers in Mining

Work in a sector that reward team work, ingenuity and hard work. Try on a mining hat and see hou it fits.