Inside Sales

By Noramco

Noramco has an immediate opening for an experienced Inside Sales person
Noramco’s experienced and knowledgeable sales people pride themselves in providing outstanding service to our customers. Responsibilities include growing Noramco’s customer base as well as nurturing existing customer relationships.

Sales Tasks/Responsibilities
  1. Identifies potential new accounts in his/her territory.
  2. Makes phone contacts with customers and suppliers to negotiate prices, ask or provide information, solve technical problems or other, and verify status of orders.
  3. Coordinates his/her activities with external sales representatives, and, if required, with other internal sales representatives.
  4. Solves technical difficulties or possible complaints linked to sales.
  5. When required, gets involves in the collection process.
  6. Maintains his/her technical knowledge up-to-date and broadens his/her knowledge on various product lines.
  7. Receives information on competitors’ strategies and communicates with other members of the team.
  8. Maintains courteous, harmonious professional relationships with appropriate parties.
  9. Conveys a professional image and consequently NCSI’s values, by conducting him/herself in a professional manner at all times.
  10. Maintains his/her own documentation (i.e. price lists, suppliers’ catalogues, etc.) up-to-date.
  11. Follows up promptly on credit note issues.
  12. Ensures his/her customers’ pricelists are always up-to-date in the system.
  13. Recommends pricing levels and seeks appropriate approvals.

Required Qualifications/Skills
  1. College degree preferred
  2. Minimum of two years of experience in the field
  3. Any equivalent combination of experience/education will also be accepted
  4. Bilingualism is required in some profit centres
  5. Excellent communication skills, oral and written
  6. Resistance to stress
  7. Capability to work as a team player
Due to Noramco’s significant commitment to industry training and personal development, less qualified applicants willing to train and grow into the role may be considered

Credit Agent

Handles the credit and collection activities for his/her assigned group of customers.

Management Trainee Program

The Noramco Management Trainee Program is intended for highly motivated candidates who want to prepare for the position of Profit Center Manager.

Inside Sales

Responsibilities include growing Noramco’s customer base as well as nurturing existing customer relationships.